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Tuesday, May 27, 2003 3:49 PM
This is my first trip report, and I will make it short. Instead of describing my entire trip(which was 24 and 25), I will just discuss the rides as I rode them on the 24th due to the lack of time I have to write this. I went with a couple of my friends driving up from Pittsburgh. It was a trip basically dedicated to coasters, We only rode one non- roller coaster ride, which was Power Tower.

We arrived at Cedar Point at roughly 10:15 on Saturday morning. We then promptly parked in the breakers hotel parking lot, and entered the park through the Magnum entrance.

Magnum XL-200: A walk-on to the very back seat. Fantastic ride, plenty of airtime, and it was not too rough. There was a lot of trims going into the turnaround, though, which was dissappointing. Overall a great, classic ride which will still remain one of my favorites.

Millenium Force: A 20 minute wait to the back seat. What a great ride, lots of floater air, great speed and g- forces. After watching Dragster fly through it's track, Millenium Force seems to go so slow, which is weird. Still a wonderful ride, and definitely a #1 coaster(not after Dragster's through with it, though).

Mantis: A half hour wait to the front seat. It was a decent ride, with trims down the first hill, and MCBR was slowing it way down. It was still a smooth, intense ride, and might I add, the paint looks great!

Wicked Twister: 15 minute wait to the back seat. It was way tamed down from when I rode it last year, and was quite lame compared to what it could be. It was still fun, but it was much better last year.

Raptor: A 1 hour wait to the front seat, and boy was it worth it! This is the greatest Raptor ride I've ever been on, blazing speed and no brakes make for a perfect, intense ride! I actually enjoyed it more than Millenium Force, which definitely surprised me, but this ride was just so fantastic. Also, the ride ops were doing a great job, very efficient.

Power Tower: 5 minute wait to the launch up side. This ride was a lot less intense than i remember, and did not enjoy it too much. Although I wasn't too mad since I only waited 5 minutes for it.

Gemini: 10 minute wait, and it wasn't even worth it. It was very rough and uncomfortable, lacked speed, just not a good ride in my opinion.

Dragster: 1 hour 20 minutes to front seat. We got there right after a long breakdown, and got in line right after it re-opened, which saved us a good hour and a half in lines. It was absolutely amazing! The launch is incredible, and it also made me drool and cry, what a rush! I would have to say it was the greatest experience of my life, too bad it's so short. I was also surprised that it did not break down once during that wait.

We then did Millenium Force a couple more times, Mantis one more time, Raptor 2 more times in the front seat, and Dragster one more time in the back seat to finish of the day. On the second day we did the same coasters again, and had to wait over 3 hours for Dragster because of two breakdowns. I did Raptor 5 more times, and had a blast doing it! It was the greatest weekend of my life, and Cedar Point has definitely made me want to come back later this summer.

1. Top Thrill Dragster
2. Raptor (without trims)
3. Millenium Force
4. Incredible Hulk
5. Kumba


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