CP 5/21 (high winds)

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So my physics class went to CP yesterday (the day before physics day to avoid the crowds) and while it was a lot of fun, I was very dissapointed because I was unable to ride TTD. When we got to the park at 10, magnum, MF, WT, and TTD were all closed because of high winds. They opened sporadically over the next few hours, and TTD opened last around 2. Unfortunately, I was in line for MF at the time, and once me and my friend made it to TTD, the wait was 3 hours. I'll be going back to CP later in the summer, so we passed on wasting that much of our day waiting for TTD. Had they been running it at full capacity things wouldve been different, but it appears there is still a lot to improve. We still got to ride everything else though, and all of the rides were running well.

Gemini: They weren't racing it, just 2 trains on the red side. 7/10

WT: almost no wait around 12:30, great ride. 8/10

MF: 45 minute wait the 1st time, hour the 2nd time, but that time we rode in the front. Simply amazing! the ride is even better up front, it feels like you're goin twice as fast. 10/10

Magnum: 25 minute wait, great as usual, not rough at all. 9/10

Raptor: 10 minute wait, ran really fast, the helix at the end was really intense and the ride was great. 10/10

Mantis: No brakes on the first drop, ran well. 7/10

Disaster Transport: I hadn't ridden this in about 5 years, definintly improved, quick fun ride. 6/10

I just hope I get to ride TTD on my next trip!

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