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Well, it seems as though I always have something go wrong when I visit parks.

First it was getting rained out of any rides or coasters all day at Six flags over georgia. (Atlanta)

Then came the almost concussion from Desert Storm at Castles and Coasters in Phoenix Arizonia.

Now it is my time to report a trip to Cedar Point.

Unfortunately I missed opening day so thi swas my first day at the park. I drove down the night before with 4 high schoolers and my ex-girl. I was the "late" van driver for a high school youth group in which I used to be staff. Anyway, we stayed at some sleazy motel.

In the morning I got up nice and early and arrived at the park at 8:00 with my ex-girl and my good friend in tow. I wanted to be the first in line to validate my season pass, which I was. All three of us ended up getting season passes and also joined the Joe Cool club.

Now being a member of the Jow cool club We proceeded inot the park (30 minutes before the GP). We headed directly for Wicked Twister. I had four consecutive rides on WT. Back Seat, Front Seat, 3*1, and second to last row. Many people have said the back seat is the best but I think the second to last seat is better. You can see all the cars twist directly in front of you. Also, My legs are long enough that when the train hits that moment of weighttlessness I can "stand" on the back of the seat below me... Which is an extremely Awesome feeling. I just have to time it good enough that I sit back in my seat before the cars start to twist back.

After Wt we headed directly for MF. Got on in about 3 minutes. First time on the back row of MF. I have read peoples comments about how MF has been so rough this year. I thought it was the smoothest ride I have ever had on it. My ex-girl and I actaully had a conversation while riding the coaster about how interesting it was that we could have a casual conversation while riding such an extreme coaster. I guess you had to be there but you know you have conquered a coaster when you can talk to someone face to face while going down a 300 foot incline.

After MF we headed for Mean Streak. there were more ride ops standing on the platform then there were patrons. I rode in the second to back row, giving my buudy and my ex-girl the back row. This was the worst lap I have ever had on the Mean Streak. I used to love it, but I hardly enjoyed it this time around.

After MS we headed to Gemini, which was closed. On to Magnum. We waited maybe 6-8 minutes to board magnum. Front Row. The air after the second hill was abosulely amazing. Magnum totally blew away MF that day. Also, I do not know if the were using the trim brakes on the pretzel because I di dnot feel a thing. The speed we had going into the tunnel after the pretzel was amazing.

Now we headed to Corkscrew. No line again. I think I sat in the front row but I do not remember. I do not know what CP did, but Corkscrew is one more a great enjoyable ride. I was surprised at how smooth of a ride it was. Thank CP.

It was about 11:30 by this point. We were a bit hungry and noticing that it was getting colder.. Is it not supposed to get warmer as the day goes on? Anyway, we went over to macaroni's for lunch. I have never at there before. The portions of food were great, and for the price I would have to say they were one of the best values in the park (They also have Milk!). Anyway, I got 10% off the bill with my Joe Cool club membership, which was nice also.

At about 1:00 we left macaroni's and headed to the power tower. The line was about 15 minutes so we waited for a Drop.

By the time we got off the Drop it was so Cold. We could start to see our breath. I do not know how to describe it, but it was unbearable while riding power tower... very cold and brisk, and bitter.

Anyway, we decided to leave. We live less then 2 hours from the park so I will return soon...

I am sure I will have a 100% enjoyable time at a park soon enough.... Hopefully

Also, on a quick side note... I saw a guy who looks a bit like how Jeff looks in the photos on his site. I saw this guy at least 5 times in various areas of the park before 11:00. He even got on the wicked Twister (front row) with me and then got off before riding, so I got to ride Solo in the front...

Anyway, it probably was not jeff, but I thought I would mention it anyway...

I saw a few other Cp Big Wigs while I was there too, but I will save that for another day...

Thats my story..

James K

I fool so feelish....

Good TR, it is always cool to see big wigs at parks!

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