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Day two for me at the park (day one for my sister). We arrived and got parked after paying the 8 bucks (ouch) at the toll plaza. I had decided that it was high time that I tried out the old Marina Gate trick. We walked on over and waited about 20 minutes before entering. MF was not running and there was a very small line outside the queue. We got in line and within no time they opened the ride up. We got second train out and what a blast it was. It was my sisters first time on MF and she was definitely blown away. (Yet another virgin I have sacrificed to the coaster Gods. :) ) We got off and got right back in line and waited only about 15 minutes. After our second ride I was very curious to see if she would be able to deal with the confinement of WT seats so we headed on over. She fit in way better than I did! I was very pleased. WT was down and there was no telling when the ride was going to come back up so we headed on over to Raptor. She is a very big fan of inverted coasters and thinks B:TR at SFSTL is just the greatest. I knew Raptor would blow her mind. We waited about 40 minutes for a seat on the Sky Chicken and we departed up the lift hill. I, being the major clown I am, love to narrate every ride I’m on like I’m on some TV show. So here we are, heading up the lift hill and I’m really pumping this ride up and everyone around me is laughing and getting into it and about 3/4 of the way up the lift, it stopped. All of a sudden I say, “Now this is NOT supposed to happen!”. We all bust out laughing. (had to be there) We were stranded on the lift for about 15 minutes. The guy in the seat in front of us got a cell phone call while we were stuck. We really made a bunch of jokes about that. Suddenly the lift started back up and before we knew it, we were through the ride and it was over. Talk about the longest Raptor ride in history! WHEW

After Raptor, we headed on over to Blue Streak and got a dazzling ride in on it. I really like this coaster allot and it looks just marvelous with the new paint. Next up we decided to head over to PT upshot. I put on my glasses strap (looking like a true geek and all) because the last time I rode it, I had to take them off and I really wanted to see what I was doing on that ride. We left the park and headed out to get some lunch. After lunch we took about an hour nap at the motel room and felt much better and energized for the remainder of the park.

We got back and hit WT first. The last backwards push up the reverse spike is the best. Especially in the back seats. After WT, we headed on back to do Gemini, which was only running one side. I can only assume it was due to the lack of riders. It was a walk-on as nobody was on line. After Gemini we hit Magnum. Once again I narrated the entire ride and let me tell ya, I would have made ya’ proud MagnumDan. :) Especially on the perfectly designed bunny-hops. :) The people in front of us got a MAJOR kick out of it. We hit Magnum again. Both times it was a total walk-on.

We headed back further to ride MS. I saw Magnumdan but didn’t want to freak him out so I didn’t say anything. (he was with friends and looked like he was having allot of fun so that was another reason I didn’t want to bother him) My sister is a major fan of wooden coasters and I just hate MS but I decided to oblige her and rode along anyhow. It only reaffirmed my dislike for this coaster. She too decided that the coaster just was boring in the middle. Oh well. Our last ride of the night was on MF. It was quite possibly on of the greatest days in all my CP trips. On to day 3 for me, day 2 for her.

Pearl Jam + Roller Coasters = Heaven on Earth. :)

Glad you have fun! Cool update!

X-Flight World's Only flying coaster!
Batwing World's only flying coaster!
S:UF World's only flying coaster! Don' you love SF ?

Wow great timing at MF. I have never had that short of a wait.

As for the MS I heard that CP got rid of a lot of the brakes especially the ones on the first drop. Some people have told me that this really is back in fine form? Is that not true? The first year it was open this coaster was really Mean and then they put all those crappy brakes on it and it really took a nose dive, so I am somewhat excited to hear the potential of no brakes!

To be honest, I've ridden MS all of 3 or 4 times and I can't tell you where the brakes are or aren't. I know it was a cool day out and it was a semi-rough ride. BUT it was a better ride than the other times I rode it I will admit that. There's nothing wrong with MS that a couple of sticks of appropriately positioned dynamite wouldn't cure! j/k of course.

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Pearl Jam + Roller Coasters = Heaven on Earth.

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stop talking about narrating the rides and being the "train cheerleader"...that stuff is just lame in my opinion...

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Pearl Jam + Roller Coasters = Heaven on Earth.

*** This post was edited by Joey Stewart on 5/21/2002. ***

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Are you the Joey Stewart who was at CP on Thursday the 16th when MF was down and testing the yellow train?

I'd rather die living than live like I'm dead

Yes I certainly am. :) (see the NEAR MOB thread too....I added a response on there to ya!)

Pearl Jam + Roller Coasters = Heaven on Earth. :)

Listen, about Meansteak. I was there on Monday and rode it for my fourth time. You say there are brakes at the bottom of the first hill? I think there are brakes in the middle of the first drop. We were going down, then it pretty much stopped (on the hill), started going again, stopped again, then started going again! I was afraid that we weren't gonna make it up the second hill! Are these the brakes you're talking about?

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