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Saturday, May 17, 2003 3:48 PM
First off I would like to say that overall I was disappointed with Cedar Point management throughout the trip. There were a few good points, but other than that it wasn't very good.

I got there on Sunday at about 2 and went straight too.... the Cadillac Cars? I know that sounds wierd but I was with my family so what are you going to do. I did enjoy them though.

I then proceeded to Mantis which had an unusually long wait. I waited 50 minutes for it. The trim on the drop wasn't on at all and I didn't like it as much as I did last time. It still has the great twisting finale, but I liked the hanging sensation in the first inversions that you got with the trim.

I then headed to Dragster. The line said 3 hours, but I just wanted to ride the damn thing so I got in line. Well, after waiting for an hour all the ride-ops come down and say the ride is being closed because of high winds. I decide to try and wait it out. After another hour or so, making it all the way up to the ramp before the station because so many people left the line I was presented with front of the line passes for any other time because they wanted to shut everything down. I appluad CP for doing this.

I then got two rides on Blue Streak which were fast and packed with air. They were great rides. I left the park after this because it was starting to rain pretty hard.

Millennium, Magnum, Mean Streak, Raptor, and Gemini were down the whole time I was there.

Day 2

Well, I woke up to find it raining and the wind gusting up to 40mph so my mom decided we would wait til 4 and use starlight passes instead.

I entered the park at 4:30 knowing that TTD, Millie, Magnum, Mean Streak, Raptor, and Gemini weren't going to run. I figured this out by looking at the park not by a sign in the front, because CP doesn't have a list of closed rides in the front of the enterence.

I went on the Turnpike Cars first and then proceeded to WT.

I really liked this ride. If it would have been running on full power it would have cracked my top ten. It wasn't though so it sits right in front of V2 on my list. The back twist is great.

I then took a ride on the piece of crap named Disaster Transport then went on Chaos twice. I had never been on one and I absolutely loved it.

I went on Iron Dragon next which was as slow as ever. I took a walk on ride on Mantis and then went to Power Tower.

I've only ridden the Space Shot side, but I don't really ever need to ride the Turbo Drop side. The launch upwards is amazing.

I went on Corkscrew which provided great air and then went on the railroad. I liked how it had little things next to the track.

I then took my little brother to Camp Snoopy and rode Jr. Gemini, Woodstock Express, and the Peanuts 500. I enjoyed riding all of them.

I took another spin on the Turnpike Cars and then left because the park was closing.

Day 3

Today was looking much better than the other two. I woke up to the sound of Magnum running.

I got in at 9:30 and headed to Millennium Force which wasn't open yet but was testing. While in line I talked to two guys who flew in from Texas just to ride TTD and they hadn't been able to get on it and were very disappionted. They even said that this trip made them apprciate how good SF's management is. After 30 minutes I finally got my second ride on MF. I really enjoy this ride. The first drop is amazing and the rest of the ride is pure fun. I got very nice floater air on the other hills.

I then went on Widcat which had a 10 minute wait. It was a very fun ride and packed a nice punch for its size.

I then went to Magnum. I passed TTD on the way because CP was filming a commercial for it and didn't know if they would be able to open it. I didn't enjoy Magnum much this trip. I didn't get the great airtime on the bunny hills like I did last time. I still had fun, though.

Mean Streak finally running so I decided to give it a second chance. It was closed when I got there becuase someone got . After waiting for 15 minutes the line opened and I got on the ride. Well, giving MS a second chance was a mistake. I didn't get the bruised ribs this time just a gigantic headache and the feeling of disappointment that this ride could be some much better.

I took a quick ride on CCMR and found it more exciting than MS.

I then waited 20 minutes for Gemini which had the red side running only. I don't understand why enthusaists like this ride so much. I don't care for it because it doesn't really stand out at all. It is just kind of plain.

I took a quick ride on Dodgem and then headed over to Raptor, which was finally open. I waited 30 minutes and came off the ride extremely disoriented. The Zero-G roll was absolutely amazing and the helix was insanely intense. I enjoy this ride very much.

I then decided to try to see if TTD was open one last time before making the long drive home. To my amazement it was finally open and they were fishing up the commercial. I walked up the exit presented the pass to the ride-op and got into my seat. I loved the dirty looks I got when we rolled into the station. They were priceless. I was stapled in and we then rolled up to the lauching platform. The suspense was absolutely killing me because we waited for at leats a minute and a half up there. The engine noises were very loud. The lauch tree finally lit and we were off. My eyes felt like they were being pushed back into my sockets. The way up the tower was a weird feeling that went away after we creasted the top quickly and were flunged down the other side. The drop is so insane it is hard to describe. Going straight down while being thrown to the side and just missing supports was great. I have never had a better experience on a ride. This is definitely my favorite coaster ever. It made teh whole trip worthwile.

Overall the trip was fun, but it would have been much better if the weather had cooperated.

All who think Mean Streak needs a match taken to it say I.

Saturday, May 17, 2003 5:23 PM

I wish that the weather would have been better too. I was there Monday and did not get on TTD because of the wind. You should try the turbo drop side of Power Tower, you get air the whole way down. I really do not have a favorite side, I really love both sides.
Lets go Drag racing.
Saturday, May 17, 2003 5:54 PM
As far as a list of closed rides goes. If a ride is goign to have downtime and it is known in advance, they do put up a sign. TTD had a sign up every morning they were shooting film.

They won't put up a list because the list changes through the day. The only good it would do is when you first arive at the park. They say this and this are closed.. but what if they open.. they have to run and change the sign (much like PKI does) but that only effects the guests just arriving, not the thousands in the park already.

Rides get shut down.. and due to CP's location, winds can play a major role in it. Probably more than any other park I can think. I know there are days the temp is fine on the mainland.. that mile or so drive across the water.. and it's colder and windy.

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