CP 5/11 - Foggy Day

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Hope you enjoy this, its my first TR.

We woke up bright and early. Actually it wasn't bright yet, it was 5:15 am. We hit the road at 6 and were on our way.

We arrived about 9:20. And man was it foggy. All we could see was part of Raptor and nothing else. I got in line to get my pass, and had it processed in 20 minutes. Of course I made a goofy face for fun.

We got inside the park waited a few minutes and took off for TTD, it was closed. On the way to TTD I noticed Iron Dragon was painted, it looks horrible. Orange supports, red track, and blue trains, looks terrible. Even though Mantis and Wildcat looked a lot better since the last time I was there. We decided to wait it out for TTD, and it was only down for about 40 minutes. This was going to be my first ride on TTD because I missed all of last season due to a back surgery. After it opened it took us about 20 minutes to get on the front seat.

TTD - Oh my GOD! What a great experience. It exceeded the high expectations that I had for it. The only downfall was the guy I ended up riding with.

This guy I rode with was a complete jackass. I sit down next to him and he says "I dont want you to put your hands up because the last guy hit me." But I decided I was going to do it anyway. As we waited to be dispatched and get launced, he starts complaining about the ride, the ride-ops, and the park. Now he pissed me off. The ride launched and I loved it. My friends were standing there waiting for my reaction, and I give them 2 thumbs up. He then tells me "What, you haven't ridden this before?" Like everyone that rides it has already ridden it. So I said "No, but i have been on about 200 other coasters." And then he said "Well I have been on every coaster in America." I knew he was lying. So I said "How did you like Raven?" And he had no clue what I was talking about, what piece of crap. I then realized why the last guy hit him.

We got off of TTD and headed straight to Magnum.

Magnum - There was absolutely no line. We walked straight on 1-3, where I love it. It was just as rought as I remember, but I love her. It was actually the most comfortable Magnum ride I have ever had because of my surgery. Still one of my favorite steel coasters.

We then hit the Wicked Twister via the boardwalk. It was so foggy we saw about 10 feet of Lake Erie and the rest was fog.

Wicked Twister - It too was a walk on. We tried riding 2nd to back, which is the best seat if you sit on the right. The ride-ops would have nothing to do with that. We had to ride 4th to back, but it was still a great ride as always.

Next we walked through the fog to Raptor.

Raptor - I couldn't believe it, it too was a walk on. There were six people waiting for the front, thats it. Of course, Raptor was being Raptor and kicking some serious ass! This is my favorite invert.

We exited the park and went to eat our packed lunch. I hate dropping ten bucks for lunch, but I still should have gotten cheese on a stick.

As we entered the park we decided to hit up Blue Streak and MF.

BS - It was running really well. Giving great airtime in the back seat. It too was a complete walk on. Man, what a day, no lines so far.

MF - Here comes the lines. We rode in the front and we waited about 45 minutes which isn't bad, but there was only two rows filled before the ramp, and there was only about 10 people in line for the front. There were only two trains running, but it still seemed slow for two. Then we found out the problem. Please take a note on this, if you are even remotely big, you wont be able to ride this year. There were people that had to get off that I wouldn't even consider big. I mean there were 2 or 3 people a train. But anyways the ride was great. Decent airtime, good speed, it was running great.

We then headed back over to TTD. I rode it in the back this time and it was still awesome, though I do prefer the front. We waited maybe 20 minutes this time.

After our second TTD we headed for some more Magnum. We walked onto the back seat this time. It is not nearly as good in the back as 1-3, but it was still a great ride.

TTD was calling me againg. So we rode it in the front again, man this thing is so sweet I am going back in a couple of weeks. We only waited about 1/2 hour to ride it in the front.

Then my friends told me they have never seen the skeleton humping the fence on the train. This skeleton is the best skeleton at any amusement park, even better that one that drove the bumper car at Phantom Phright Nights. So we headed for the back of the park, and we decided to hit Mean Streak.

MS - We walked directly on the front seat. It wasn't as bad as the last time I rode it, but I still don't like it at all. As we got back to the station the ride-op asked us how are ride was and I went absolutely bonkers. They did'nt realize the sarcasm, and he said "Well, at least someone enjoys it."

We then hit the train and got off and got another MF ride. This time in the back seat. I love the back seat, airtime the entire first drop. But the line was still 45 minutes with about 2 rows filled past the ramp.

We exited, a storm rolled in and the rides shut down. We decided to go on home. The ride home was great because I didnt have a headache from riding Mantis. The fog only parted for maybe and hour the entire day. All in all, it was truly a great fogging day at Cedar Point.

I then realized why the last guy hit him.

Priceless. Nice TR!

I was also at the park yesterday and man was that fog intense. Made three laps on dragster myself and the longest I waited was 40 minutes, and that was for the front. Man I love the beginning of the season.

I also stopped at the park in the a.m. today, 5/12, with my Joe Cool Club I got two dragster rides, 2 MF, WT, and Raptor all within two hours. The only problem I have now is my face is burnt to all hell, I really need to invest in some sunblock.

These stories I'm reading of ride ops being tough on people riding MF is starting to get annoying. I'm hearing many different people stating they are kicking off people, who really truly coudl easily ride the coaster. I don't know what is going on, but if this continues, this is going to upset a ton of people, as it already has. I trust Cedar Point ops know what they are doing, but it sounds rediclousis if you can buckle the belt, and the restraints lock in, there should be no reason why they can't ride.
So is WT back up consistently then? I love the story from TTD, gotta wonder why there has to be so many enthusiasses.

Dan D McD said:

re - di - clous - is (Ready-CLOW-sis)n.
1) The misty-eyed countenance commonly observed on enthusiass faces at the end of a free meal. Frequently responses include finger-, hand- and communual face-licking.
2) A similar appearance noted when fanboys read posts concerning their home park's deficiencies. Often associated with hyperventilation and high-pitched squealing.

Thank you for your contribution to the Enthusiass Vocabulary. Next entry?

(who couldn't resist) *** Edited 5/12/2004 9:07:39 PM UTC by CoastaPlaya***

NOTE: Severe fecal impaction may render the above words highly debatable.

They should have predetermined maximum weight capacity for one rider for each coaster. Then have different places around the park where you can get officially weighed (kinda like height). Then if your not heavy (no meaness implied) you get a wristband with your weight on it. That a ride op can put a check mark on or w/e saying you can ride.

Or some other much simpler system.

Kyle Says: Diamondback was a lot of fun! Made his first time at Kings Island worth it all!

Glad you liked TTD Kris. It was truly mindblowing to me as well! I'm getting back up there in July with Brad and also going to Coastermania. I need more than the one ride on it I have under my belt. ;)
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Glad you enjoyed yourself and had your Dragstergasms, Kris. :-D

The enthusiass story is classic. What a *#*$head. I can't blame anyone for smacking him, whether accidently or not. lol.


The weight thing might work, but one also has to consider that some people may not be huge but they could be inproportionate like the guy of S:ROS I mean 230 isn't that fat for someone 6'3" or so.

"Punks are non-conforming conformists." "Preps rock my Docs." "Tell them about how I'm defying gravity. God! I can't get that song out of my head."
Brian, let me know when you come up, maybe me and Eric can meet up with you. ;) Who is in the X picture with you? Good luck with your knocking down the bureaucracy.

No idea on the X thing.. just some jobber that happened to be sitting there when I poached a seat. ;)

Cool on meeting up with you, IM me sometime and we can work something out.

Good TR man. Wish I could've been there to see the guy you rode TTD with.... that would've been fun!


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