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I went up to CP at around open with a couple of friends, flashed my GL ID badge and walked into a very dead park.

First we had to head to Dragster. We walked into the Q and all the way into the station. All right! :) After a 4 train wait we were on, amazing as always. 8/10

After Dragster, we decided to hit Magnum which was running mediocre at best. The paint did look sharp, but trims were on pretty high. This was a walk-on as much as the other rides are the rest of the day (Dragster never went farther then down the ramp all day from when I saw it). It ran a little rough, but that's arrow transitions, not the ride itself “I guess” ;) 6/10

Power Tower up was the ride of choice next, solid ride. I love its launch 5.5/10

We then wanted to do the whole back area of the park so we headed for Gemini (Blue side running only, 1 train, walk-on) which was running good but lacking some air. It has run better. 5/10

Next up, Mean Streak... Rough and boring but it did have one nice moment of air! I had better rides on it last year for sure. It’s nice if you want to wake up however. 5/10

After a nice stroll taking in some of the scenery we ended up at the front of the park where Wicked Twister awaited us. WT kills Steel Venom in my book, but all to their own! I just love that back twist! 7/10

There it stood, the new kid on the block, MaXair. I loved Delerium so I could not wait for this. Once in line, we were on the 3rd cycle out. I was surprised how short the Q line was, but hey, it doesn’t bother me! This seemed more disorientating then Delirium, but still very, very good. Crews could of moved much much faster though. Good move for CP however, and midway looks fantastic. 7.5/10

Next was my baby... Raptor... No matter how much I ride, I still think its one of the best B&M inverts I have ridden (Alpie, DD fire, DD ice, Talon, Great Bear, BTR). Although Talon ranks close, this has a very aggressive yet smooth ride that rocks my socks! It was running very powerful all day. 4 train wait for front seat, walk-on for everything else. We rode this about 3 times. 9.7/10

Dispatch Master Transport was running pretty well. Rode it twice throughout the day, running a little rougher the second time. Fun ride, just too short. 5/10

After a little rest we hit Wildcat which always exciting. Such a fun ride, but I still don’t “get” the colors. It just sticks out too much, at least the green does. Very smooth and fun especially the turn into the brakes! 7/10

Next on the list was MF. I was a little nervous hearing all the stuff about shorter belts and all. Being 6'5 and close to 240, I wasn't too happy about it. Last year I had 2 inch of slack and once on the ride, had about the same this year. So to me, the belts were not changed at all, I just think they are new, along with all new hip bars :) We were assigned in the back of the train and off we went! It was very vibrationy, but still very fun. Good ride! Only waited about 10 mins total. 8.5/10

While in the area we decided to hit Mantis which was... Interesting. Trims were off, but I don’t know if that is a good thing. I never felt this ride SO rough. From midway down the loop up to the top of the Dive Loop I completely blacked out from the force and the rest of the ride shuffled, punched, and whipped all the way through. I felt like I was going to die, but it was all great fun at the same time. Thank God it was a walk-on so I could ride once more later in the day... It had same results ;) Ill give it a 7/10 to be nice haha.

After this I just had to get some of the best fries ever with garlic sauce. MMMM. Along with some Cheese on a Stick at some point. Good schtuff. Ill never get fries without that garlic sauce ever, it is just too good!!! :) :) :)

We rode the train around one and a half times which is always relaxing. I still will never understand the skeleton humping the fence, but OK. We got off at the MF train station and ventured off into the kids area to ride the kiddy coaster which was actually quite fun. Not as good as IOA’s by far though ;) 4.5/10

At this point the weather was getting iffy, so we decided to run back to the front of the park and ride Blue Streak before rain hit. We hopped in 1-3 which was giving some real nice ejector air. Running quite smooth and fast! One of the better rides I have had on it in a while 6.5/10

All in all, the park was dead. Very dead. We would of ridden MF or Dragster again, but MF stopped at the top of the lift for over an hour which still wasn’t off the lift even when we left the park at 7:30, and Dragster went down for wind. Another great day at the point though! Next week here I go.. back! Yay

Sorry if the TR is choppy, had to write it in a hurry!

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Great TR. What do you mean "hip bars" on MF?
They replaced most of the lapbars on MF this season, at least the train I looked at closely. No more black, sweat eroded lapbars! yay
Steve, did you need to pay for parking?


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