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Saturday, May 10, 2003 6:46 AM
Hello Coaster Fans Who Are Still Trying To Recover From Last Week's TTD Ride,

I'll make this somewhat short and sweet. Shawna and I left for CP, at night, just to ride the Joe Cool ERT. We arrived at 7:15pm (park closes to public at 8pm.) We hit Raptor, walk on. Then over to Blue Streak, walk on. After those two we went right over to MForce (7:45pm) and hopped on MForce back seat. By the time we got off it was 8pm. Joe Cool started now.

We hit Mantis, then went over and hit Magnum right away (I think a total of 4 people on the train including us :) ) Next up was TTD, so we got in line they still hadn't let people in the actual line yet though. Soon the let us in. We opted for FRONT seat in the first loading dock. It took about 1:30min just to get to the loading dock and that was with a 1/3 full que. They do have 5 trains on now. BUT two of the trains were having problems with their lapbars so the front seats of two trains could only seat 1 person. Some lucky single riders had fun on this today.

It ended up that we got the LAST ride out on the front seat for TTD...it almost didn't happen. TTD started having some problems about 8 trains before the end of the night. It took quite a few minutes between launches. Once we finally got on they kept making the engine noise, then nothing, more engine noise then nothing, and finally after some waiting the slight roll back, drop of brakes, and WHAMMMMmmm Speed X 1000!! Next thing I knew we where up shaking hands with our Maker in th black sky. Before I could ask about the meaning of life, which I'm sure I was on, we were spiraling back down through a yellow sea of track. Then the brakes. What a way to end the evening.

Now for some notes:
The "hands down", "Keep your head back", "engine noise" etc. Is ALL done by a ride operator. There are two people in the booth, and one is watching the lauch she has about 8 buttons that they press. If they see you put your hands up they keep pressing the buttons. And won't launch you. It's kind of funny to watch them. You can wait for the front seat. A train must be full to launch. Tree lights are up, but not working. Only two "tower tree lights" are up, and not working. Finish line poles are up, but no checker flags are up. Overall a great ERT!!!

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Sunday, May 11, 2003 6:28 AM
coasterqueenTRN's avatar SWEET! It's been a week and I miss TTD. Damn I need to move. :-)


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