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Wednesday, May 28, 2003 5:49 AM
Cedar Point
Date: May 28, 2003
Weather: Perfect and Sunny...Then Awful and Raining
Trips To CP This Year: 8 So Far
Top Thrill Dragster Rides: 23

Hello Coaster Fans Who Are Desperately Trying to Figure Out This Ohio Weather,

This was my 8th trip up to the point this year, but it was a little different since I was taking 2 "out of towners" up with me, Tony and Tracie. They have both been on MForce, but not Top Thrill Dragster (TTD.) We actually arrived up in Sandusky the night before (Memorial Night) for a little partying around the area...Great time. We then went to out hotel to get some sleep for a long day.

We arrived at the Point around 9am. Shawna and I had Joe Cool but they did not. So we opted to stay with them and wait for the 9:30 public opening. We were driving around to go over to the Magnum gate to go to TTD, when I noticed the Dragster sign by the Marina gate. "Top Thrill Dragster Will Not Be Open This Morning. I MAY Open Later Today" Now mind you I didn't know the cable broke the day before (which I would have easily known if I didn't come up the day before.) We turned back around and parked by the Blue Streak to walk back towards MForce. This is where you have that line of Enthusiast and Engineer meets General Public. I knew and have known these things happen with new, and old rides. But my friends and a lot of the general public don't understand. I saw some people get quite upset with the employee over by TTD.

Any way, we got in at 9:30am. And went over to MForce. We waited 30min for a front seat. They have never ridden the front seat or back seat and they LOVED them both...they were a quite terrified which made it even better.

On an inbetween note, the NON-COASTERride employees (games, food, carnival rides) were AWESOME today while some of the coaster employees seemed that a few slept on the wrong side of the bed last night. I'm almost certain that one girl that was on TTD was over at Wicked Twister ;)

By this time we realized that not only TTD was down Power Tower was down. Power Tower was down until an estimated 1pm, than it ran fine. Both Tony and Tracie were asking if this was usual for CP. I told them no and I didn't know what was going on. We rode Mantis, 30min wait (First time, and probably last I waited for this). Mantis was REALLY REALLY rough in row 5 today. Wildcat (15min wait) was AWESOME today...I love that little ride. Just to let a few of you know how busy it was the day after Memorial Day...Iron Dragon had a wait ;) It reached 30 min one time I walked by, but mostly it was around a 15min wait.

We walked over to TTD to see what was going on. And that's when we found out about the whole cable breaking thing. Carl Monday was interviewing the good and the bad guests and showing them putting the cable back on. MAN, one lady was IRATE they were interviewing. I don't know if it made it to TV, but just watching it in person...whoa lady. I took quite a few pics of the new things they had done, and the things that have changed or taken down, and a few pics of them putting the cable back on. If you really want to see them let me know. Nothing to special, just a bunch of guys weaving the cables through all that track.

We rode Magnum (30min wait) in the ejector seat. A little rough, but the air more than made up for it today. We definitely got thrown on every hill :) We then took the sky ride up to the front of the park. We opted to eat at Silver Doller. This was Shawna and my first trip back after protesting Silver Dollar last year. This place has DEFINITELY cleaned up from last year. They were VERY nice, clean and GREAT Servers (nice change.) They let us sit up by the Raptor window, and male server we had was one of the best in the whole park. He did a great job and the food was pretty darn good...We also used or Joe Cool Pass to get free Macho Nachos, which were pretty tasty. The menu has changed from a little bit last year. More for the better.

After lunch we went over to Raptor (30min wait) and rode the back seat. My first ride this year with no midcourse brakes....HOLY FLYING RAPTOR!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW!!! I though for sure we weren't going to make that turn into brake run and stay on the track. What A Ride!!!!!

It was starting to drizzle so we went over to WT and rode the back seat. Fun ride, I just wish it would run at full power. Only one trip all the way up the back tower :( Next up was Disaster Transport 3-D. They got the glasses and thought it was a cool little gimick. They have added even more effects this year on DT, mainly some strobe lights and a few "disco ball effects" in the main rooms. Every time I ride this, the lights on the brake run at the end are different. Some times it's strobes, or pink lights, or black lights, or maybe colored lights. I don't know?

It was still drizzling so we went all the way back towards Gemini. I had to play a little DDR and impress these old ladies with my bizzare dance steps on the way back ;) Gemini was close due to weather so we went back to Mine Ride. By the time we got back there the rain had stopped. Mine Ride is always great because of the people riding the train. Who needs a 420ft coaster when you have this ride! We then went back to Gemini (Tony really wanted to ride it.) We did guys vs. Girls on it, since it was open now. I can say these trains were really close today. Guys one!!

By now it was really raining and lot of the rides were closed due to weather, and it sure didn't look like TTD "May open later today." Shawna and I decided to hit the road, while Tony and Tracie were going to hold out for the rain to stop. On our way out Shawna and I noticed how many Charter buses their were...A LOT more than on normal days. I would almost say over half the park came on a bus.

In all it was a great day at CP. I wish they would have just put a sign up saying TTD closed today, but I guess if there is a chance, they can put that one up. It was a pretty busy day for being the day after Memorial Day, but nothing one can complain about compared to summer days ;) I'll be going back up later this week so I can't complain. I did feel bad for all those non-Ohioans who made the trip out for TTD but couldn't get to ride it...and their were quite a few who I talked to, and some really nice ACE friends we met.

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Wednesday, May 28, 2003 12:00 PM
CPLady's avatar I noticed all the middle and high school kids there as well. They seemed to account for half the guests in the park, which is why there were waits on some rides.

We got pretty lucky. Except for our front row wait for MF with Joe Cool and about 30 minutes for Raptor, we didn't wait longer than one or two trains on everything else and many were walk ons. We hit everything before it closed (except for TTD).

Nasai came from Seattle, and Peabody from Baltimore, but even with TTD down, Nasai seemed pretty happy with all we did at CP.

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Wednesday, May 28, 2003 2:33 PM
Hey cool..I have heard of Carl Monday. He is a reporter for one of the Cleveland News Stations, but as to which one, I do not know.

WW is fun. CP_M @ TN and Perfectbowler @ SFN.


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