CP 11/1 The wasted TRIPLE exit passes....

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Ok, for our final trip of the year it turned out to be a heck of a lot colder than we expected, but that didn't stop my 2 kids, myself and my parents from having a great time at the Point. My daughter managed to add two new rides to her list now that Mom wasn't with us. She rode Chaos for the first time and a little bit later she hit Millennium Force for the first time ever! We took that bad boy on in the back seat of the yellow train. She started screaming on the way down then completely lost her breath and couldn't scream again until on our way out of the first overbank, tremendous!! I had a blast as well due to the fact that this was only the third time I have ever ridden it.

I'm not going to bore you with the enitre days details but get right to the point. We started up front and worked our way slowly towards the back of the park. 7PM found us at the Gemini Kids area and my daughter and I left my son with Grandma and Grandpa and headed toward Magnum. I noticed that there was actually a line for Magnum and we made the fateful decision to head back to Gemini so Grandma and Grandpa didn't have to hang on to my son for too long. Wrong choice. After a 1 train wait we were on the red train and headed out. About 50 feet up the lift and running dead even with the blue train we came to a stop. We would remain there for 35 minutes freezing our butts off. Once the guys with ties on showed up I figured we were on our way off the ride. I have NEVER gotten stuck on a CP coaster in 40 years, and this was the absolute worst time to have had it happen because I knew we were done for the day, and I knew what was coming when we were getting off. They offered us a TRIPLE EXIT PASS good for MAVERICK, MILLENNIUM FORCE AND TOP THRILL DRAGSTER. Not just one or the other, but all fricken' 3 coasters. Thanks. Who's the loser? Oh wait, that would be you Tom, who's never been on either Maverick or TTD and you are with your family of a 71 year old Grandma, and a 78 year old Grandpa and an 8 year old 50 1/2 inch girl and a 5 year old 44 1/2 inch boy, here's your exit passes!! You cannot imagine how frustrating that was, but I did the right thing and once the giddy people in front of us who were waiting for their passes finally moved my daughter and I headed right out the exit without collecting our passes and the lot of us proceeded to slowly make our way to the front of the park and home.

Logged on last night to renew our Platinum Passes before the price increase, thank you for coming and we'l see you next year...


You have disturbed the forbidden temple, now-you-will-pay!!!

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