CP 10/9 a fun, but cold day

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Well, to start, I got two rides on dragster, one in the front. On the second ride, i got stuck in the launch pos. but was launched in 5 min. I rode Mille in the front for the first time, a lot of bugs, but still awsome. The I went around the park with someone I met, hi Ken. Then after my friend left, i went to ride wicked twister again and got stuck right before starting to climb the front spike. The brakes came down after going backwards the 2nd time and the train was stopped before it reached the front spike.

The two breakdowns I saw as accomplishments, now I'm waiting for the dragster rollback, but i guess I'll have to wait till next year. Kudos to CP for trying to keep dragster open and thank you Ken for being my ride partner and companion for the day. Hope to see you and the point again soon.

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Nice report. Glad to hear you had fun. Also I'm happy you enjoyed the breakdowns ;)
I wish I could have a rollback! When I do, my life will be complete, and I can rest in peace.
According to Cp's Website it says that TTD is down for the rest of the season, as they have to order a part for it, and it will not be in on time. Blog from 10/10/2005

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