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Tuesday, August 5, 2003 5:20 PM
Thanks to a gray sky, and a good chance of rain (which never came) Cedar Point wasn't very crowded Sunday August 3rd.

Got to the park around 9:45, the earliest I'd ever arrived. The roller coasters are in order as I rode that day...

Wildcat- This was the first time I'd ever ridden this coaster, because the line is always so slow. Since it was a short line I hopped on. After looking at my track profile, I found that this was my 50th coaster- although I wish that TTD could have taken that spot, it was down all day- of course.

Millenium Force- Greatest ride on this planet. Ended up riding it twice- once with a 35 minute wait and another time with a freeway. Went back to ride a third time, but it was broken down.

Wicked Twister- Rode this once, tried a second but it was broken down. Had to sit in the middle because the op wouldn't let me go to the back for some reason. Seemed a bit rougher this year, and I would have liked to sit in the back instead.

Magnum- One train away from loading and it broke down for about fifteen minutes. It was a lot better than last year's ride, in which I was roughed up quite a bit. Moved up on my Top 20 Coasters- from #8 to #5

Meanstreak- Although still not smooth, it seemed like a much less rough ride this year. With the change, though, it seemed a bit slower.

Mantis- Better than I remembered, so it too moved up on my charts

Raptor- Not much change from last year...

Overall, except for some annoying break downs, it was a great trip. Left by 5:00 because the lines were so short and could hit all the coasters in that time.


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