CP- 5/18, almost died on Rte. 2, I'm serious

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Well, somehow I'm home alive on Wednesday, May 19th at 8:45 PM.

I'll briefly talk about my day at the park, but what I'm really here to talk about are the dangers of Route 2.

First, the easy stuff- the park:

CP still seems to be in working order. Very light crowds today...my friend and I had a WT train all by ourselves! Everyone sprints to Dragster when the gates open so Dragster was literally empty. Hit up three walk-on Magnum rides, two in back one in 1-3. Trims are off, and Magnum is really hauling this year.

Headed around the back of the park, Gemini and MS were not open yet. Too bad, I really wanted to try out the slightly improved MS thsi year. Walked around to MF, got a handstamp and headed into the short line. About 25 minutes in the line, another 25 for the front. MF, even after several seasons, has not lost its touch. This baby can still haul some serious boo-tay. With our freeway we got on in about 10 minutes in the back seat. The back seat has redeemed itself this year for me. MF was stacking BAD, but it was only because the ops were REALLY cracking down on heavier-set people. Belts seemed shorter, don't know if that's true or not.

Also got a run on Iron Draggin (very fun in the front!), Wildcat (what a masterpiece), and the Mantis. Mantis was practically a walk-on and was running pretty well back at two-train operation. I have to admit, I am a sucker for those trims. Mantis was running trimless, and although my calves didn't hurt and the ride was FLYING, I really miss that wonderful hangtime in the first two inversions...

Didn't get to ride Dragster, not due to mechanical failure, but due to inclement weather. We waited at the front entrance for 2.5 hours as the sun came in and out, teasing us with the possibility the rain would stop. My friend and I finally decided to bail, the rain did NOT look like it was stopping anytime soon. We couldn't ride anything else anyways, almost everything was down. So new rule for me: No matter what the conditions, ride Dragster when it is running. You never know what mgiht happen, so I am not waiting anymore, Dragster is my number one priority...if you wait for it, chances are it will be down.

OK, now onto my accident. First the appropriate preface: Two seasons ago on WT's opening day my friends Tim and Jason and I were driving home on Rte. 2 due west. My friend Jason was driving and underestimated my car's acceleration capabilities. It was night, and my interior lights had shorted out earlier in the day somehow. While on the cell phone with his mom he passed a car but totally miscalculated the distance and we had to swerve onto the LEFT side of the road, narrowingly missing a head-on collision with a semi-truck. He shouldn't have tried to pass, but he was used to faster cars and was distracted by his mom.

Fast forward to yesterday: My friend Tim and I were driving on the same stretch of Rte. 2 due west, on our way home to Detroit. It was light out (about 6:30), and the rain had just stopped pouring down. For some reason, the semi in front of me was slowing down. I slowed down to nearly a stop behind the semi, wondering why traffic suddenly came to a standstill when I didn't see any cars turning in front of the semi, etc. Then, WHAM! Disturbingly, I remember the crash vividly. My car got rocked from the back, I went airborne, then we hit something else and the car came crashing back down to the earth. I don't think my car got that far off the ground, but I do remember just flying around, even wtih my seatbelt on. It HURT, but somehow we were OK.

So here's what basically happened:

The car behind me was passing, so either they didn't see me stopped, couldn't swerve to the left because of oncoming traffic, or simply were going to fast to stop. They hit my car in the back, completely crushing my entire trunk. My car was pushed into the semi in front of me. The loading bar or whatever hit the passenger side of the front hood and then the corner of the semi sliced through the window, ripping the door frame down. The real miracle is that both our seats had collapsed when we were initially hit. This protected both of us from all of the flying debris and glass, but most importantly, my friend WASN'T decapitated by the corner of the truck slicing through my car. Even more amazing is that both me and my friend walked out of my car with nothing more than sore necks and one cut each. The people in the other car seemed to have as broken ankle, and I think a broken foot. They were taken to the hospital. I could go on and on, but all you really need to know is that my car is GONE, and my collapsed seats saved both of our lives.

After my near miss and this accident, you can be assured I will never ever drive on Route 2 again. It is simply not worth the danger at all. I'll take the 3 dollar hit and drive 15 minutes longer to take the turnpike. So if you're driving Rte. 2, please be EXTREMELY careful and always be aware of your surroundings!

Next week my friend will be flying me down to Sandusky so at least I won't have to worry about driving!

Sorry to hear about your accident. It truely is horrible. I'm glad to hear that you and your friend are okay.

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Jeez..sorry to hear about your accident. I know how scary it can be since I was in one a couple weeks ago. Glad you are alright though, and here to post your TR.

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Absolutely nuts. Wow. I grew up taking rt 2 all of the time from toledo anywhere east. I also have witnessed many, many accidents and extremely close calls. on the road. I believe that the remainder of the 2 lane operation is still gonna be turned into 4 lanes. with a turning lane as well. (I think) I believe that there is about 10 miles left of the two lane part.. ( camp perry to maumee bay ish) I hope they get that changed soon..

Anyway I am also glad to hear you guys are ok.. we cannot loose any coaster lovers.. take care.

Being from the Detroit area I always take Rte. 2 and I do notice that towards the end of the season(Ocotber) and always on the way home from CP there are much more semis to deal with. Usually they make me speed, since they get right on my tail and won't pass. Believe me when I say I sure don't need another speeding ticket in Ohio. ;)
I'm glad you guys weren't seriously injured or worse. Remember your car is just a car, good friends aren't as easily replaced. Reading your description of the accident gave me the chills and made me think that maybe I should give the turnpike another try.

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I'm glad you are safe and avoided major injury.
Craig, I am extremely happy that we did not lose a coasterbuzzer this weekend. I hope your insurance company takes care of you with a new ride.

I live just north of T-Town and have stopped the madness on Route 2. I take 75 or 280 to the Turnpike. 80mph on the T-Pike to exit 108 (Route 4). Route 4 north into Sandusky, right turn at Perkins Rd....and voila, the causeway. This saves on gas, time, the green glow of Besse and the headaches of Nazi truck drivers and passing vehicles at different velocities.

I pray that your future holds more speed and actions in the parks than on the drive home. btw---good TR.

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Sounds like you had a close shave, glad you emerged (almost) unscathed and will get to ride TTD!



Great to hear that you and your friend are ok. I was in a bad wreck in 1993 and spent almost 3 weeks in the hospital, so I know what it must have been like. Did it go in slow motion? Mine was a head on and I saw it coming and it did go in slow motion. I drive a full size Ram now.

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Craig, glad to hear you and your friend are safe. :-) I think we sometimes take something as potentially serious as a car accident for granted. I have been there. Done that. Survived. Man, you are DAMN lucky! Did you and your friend get checked out by the hospital anyway?

As far as those Ohio backroads I avoid them, including Rt. 2 It took me about 3 speeding tickets and several near accidents to convince me to stick to the Turnpike.


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I was thinking that to coasterqueen, even if you felt ok after the wreck, you both should have went to the hospital to get checked out.

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No, we refused medical attention. We really did feel fine, the most I got was just soreness all over my body.

Coasterguy, my dad actually asked the cops about Rte. 2, and he said that a lot of the area surrounding the road is federally protected marshland, so it would require a federal grant to widen that sucker.

Now I can join the club of crash survivors...

Craig, consider you and your friend extremely lucky...

I was in a crash, too (not on rte 2) where my van was hit from behind by another vehicle. I felt fine at the time, too, but as time passed, my back seized up and I ended up going through physical therapy 2x a week for three months.

When I went after his insurance for pain and suffering and medical bills, they tried denying the charges because I did not request medical assistance at the scene.

Since then, I will ALWAYS take the medical assistance at the scene, just in case. In the end, after months of wrangling, I got them to cover my medical expenses as well as giving me some cash ($1,500) for my pain.

Yikes. I will definitely be watching my body closely the next few days...

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