CP - Opening Day - Corkscrew Has Ejector Air?!?!

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Monday, May 6, 2002 4:54 AM

I arrived at the park around 10:03am and walked past the unbeleiveably long line of people processing their season passes. Once in the park, I made a beeline to CP's newest atraction, Wicked Twister. Stopped at the restroom by Demon Drop...did anyone noticed the air hand dryers? They were called Excellerator! Maybe Cedar Fair was test marketing a similar name here for it's ride out in California. Knott's people, what are the names of your hand dryers? It might be CP's next coaster!!

Delighted was I to find it to be a 20 minute wait. The dispatch time was around 1:45-2:00mins which wasn't bad at all. Overhearing kids freaking out because the track and structure swayed so much was fun in itself. Riding in the back seat on this ride is unbeleiveable!!! Twisting up that rear spike, I lost sight of the track...looked like we flew off and were just floating. Those G-forces were insane! I wasn't expecting much and Wicked Twister delievered wayyyy more than I imagined!

I decided magnum was next, but I detoured onto Corkscrew as it was a walk-on. I sat 2-1 and was absolutley shocked by by the second hill. Ejector Air!?!?! Coming over that second hill before heading into the loop, I was literally thrown upwards into my restraint! I've ridden Corkscrew many many times and never have I noticed this. CP's maintenence sure has outdone themselves this year. Saw Monty Jasper standing adjascent to the ride with 2 other individuals talking, pointing, and laughing.

Quick spin on Magnum in 1-3, good as always. While I was in the station, someone near the rear of the train was having trouble with thier seatbelt or lap bar and delayed the dispatch. The ride-op in the booth kept looking at the turn into the bunny hops praying they'd get the train out in time. Well, I saw the train and one of the crewmembers started running down the catwalk to reset the trains. The train rolled out of the station and up onto the lift where the chain promtly stopped. Since the guy was almost out there already, the set-up lasted about a minute but I could tell they weren't happy. Near the exit of the ride, saw Natalie and Jeff (awww aren't they cute) and saw a group of GTTPers gathering. Waved and walked on.

Noticed the wall by Gemini and sat in the right hand side of the Blue train to get a better look. Like everyone and their brother, I saw some big 'ol footings and some mysterious piles of dirt over by MF's turnaround...time will reveal the answer to us all. Gemini was fun, though after the first competitive ride, the blue train kept beating the red train hands down. We weren't even close enough to slap hands :-( Also noticed the walk way and handrails up the lift on both sides are all new wood.

Mean Squeak wasn't squeaking at all today and even though the first drop trim did grab, the first half of the ride seemed very intense. The person doing the spiel had a nametag that said "Ride Pride" What the heck does that mean? All he did was do the spiel and tell the person in the booth when to dispatch...he didn't check restraints and woudlnt interact with the riders.

Up next: Mine Ride. It still gives a good ride, and the two female teenage coaster-neophytes behind me made it all the more amusing. I think they liked it...hehehe.

Hopped on the train and headed to the front of the park to take a spin on Blue Streak and boy was that thing flying. Sat in the last row and I wasn't expecting the ride I got. Airtime city and fantastic laterals through the turnaround. what the heck did they do? Must've used Raptor's "speed paint" or something!

Raptor was intended to be next, but somehing was wrong. They were unloading people on the lift so I decided to check out the 3d Thrills on Disaster Transport. Though I didn't have the appropriate glasses, the ride was a lot better than I imagined. Headed back over to Raptor and as I walked up, they reopened it. I was about the 10th person in...talk about good timing and luck. HAD to ride the front seat and shared it with two attractive young ladies who'd never expereinced the front seat. I told them to relax and imagine being in a jet fighter. Well Raptor gave a great ride, though it was rough in a few spots...Cobra Roll and the twist into the brakes, other than that it delivered the intensity I remembered. The two young ladies literally jumped up and down screaming because they loved it so much....they even gave me an unexpected big hug too :-)

Decided Magnum was calling my name and went back their to discover it was set-up on the lift hill. Took 5 more laps on Gemini before heading back to the front of the park. Took a quick spin on Corkscrew, this time in the back to see if it was a fluke, but yet again, forceful air abouned on the second hill!

Hmmm, Millennium Force's line was too long for my blood, so I decided to check out Draggin' Iron. Overall still very pleasant and relaxing and noticed Monty Jasper on the platform, waved and moved on.

I was getting tired, so I walked to the front (Skyride had closed due to "weather condition" that blasted blue sky and sun! Raptor had a 10 minute wait so I took 3 laps and then left the park.

Overall, very good day at CP!


Monday, May 6, 2002 4:57 AM

Corkscrew always had ejector air. It's the ride's saving grace!

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Monday, May 6, 2002 6:18 AM

Tell you the truth Jeff, I've never noticed before. I'm glad I noticed it this year and I'll consider riding more often now.


Monday, May 6, 2002 6:40 AM
Everyone's talking about 3d effects and glasses on DT. Is there something new? Why did you not have the glasses - were they an upcharge?

Posting, "Me too" like some brain dead AOLer. I ought to to the world a favor, and cap you like old yeller...

Thursday, May 9, 2002 5:43 PM
The new queue line for QT is really cool. There did not have 3d glasses though, lol I don't think they do!

Good Times!! Good Times!!


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