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Well, this was my annual trip to CP with my gym (guys do gymnastics too!), so as usual, we do more stupid, funny things than ride coasters. It was a great day though, so I'll relive it. Oldest was 17, I'm a month away from being 16, and the youngest was about 10. I go to the park numberous times a year, so riding alot of rides isn't really my goal.

We got into the park late (around 11) and went straight for Raptor, much to me complaining about waiting until later. The line said 1 1/4, but we got through in 45 minutes. Raptor is hauling major booty this year. For some reason I noticed it more this trip. Mid-Course brakes were off, so we hauled through the last half...the g's were great on the helix. Raptor seems to be getting a little torn up from aging though, as it seems to get rougher and rougher. That transition from the banked turn into the brakes was the most painful it's ever been. But still, the ride was great.

We went from there to Wicked Twister, as we had to meet the groups of the smaller kids at around 2. The ride broke down for a good 10-15 minutes, but we stayed in line. So many people ahead of us got out that what would've been a good 15 minutes turned into the second train back from the closing. I got one of the better seats in the back (front of the two rows), so I was happy. We got out, got freeway stamps (which was actually a good thing) for 6-7, and met up with the group.

From there we went to the sport car thing by Blue Streak. Flying lighter from Raptor almost clocked some little girl in the head. With how hard that thing hit the pavement (this was during the drop after the MCBR), she's lucky it missed her. That wouldn't have been pretty. Anywho, we went on the cars, looking stupid (we all went on our own), and of course, I got bumped by my friend behind me, and forced bumped by the one in front of me.

We got off and headed towards the CCMR. This was one of our stupid moments. Me and my friend Suzy were next to eachother, and one of the adults wound up in the same train a few seats behind. We were up in the front, acting scared as hell. From the moment we took that little dip out of the station we were screaming our heads off, talking about how scared we were to the adult behind us. We even went as far as to flip out on both lift hills, and have our hands up, screaming in the station. Everyone looked at us like we were crazy, but we got a few people to laugh. We then headed to Gemini.

Wow. Gemini is doing some serious hauling on the blue side. For some reason, the red side was running very slow, sometimes almost not making it. But the blue side in the back gave some incredible air. The first drop was great, and the other hills were awsome. We actually went on it twice. One of my favorite rides. I did notice that after the last turn around (not the helix), if someone drops something off the ride, it is so going through someones windshield. I noticed a guy trying to set down a Pepsi bottle during the helix though.

After watching the TTD line fill up, we decided to pass it, since we wouldn't be there a ton longer. I've laready been on it this year, so I didn't mind. It didn't even open until 4 though. So we headed to Magnum, and it was great, just like I like it. The trimless ride was still not mine (I'm still waiting for one of those), but it was still some great air and a great drop.

We then headed over to Iron Dragon, just to see what it was like without the trees. I actually think it's better that way; swooping over the exit "turn" (station) of Dragster was actually pretty cool.

It was about 5:55 at this time, so we headed over to WT and used our freeway. Wow, I was glad we got it. There was a line that could possibly push an hour, so we waited a whole 5-10 minutes. I got a better back seat this time, and made sure to scream louder (and monotone) every single time I passed the station. No one (except for the ppl who know me) knew it was me, but I saw some different people laughing as we got off the ride.

It was a lot of fun. There really is only two sides of workers; the friendly, and the ones that you can tell hate their jobs. I encountered a few of these, but most were very friendly. The Gemini Ride-op crew was doing great, and the Raptor crew was hauling like always. Magnum's crew was moving pretty fast too. Kudo's to those crews. All in all, it was great, and I can't wait until my next trip.

Were you guys the ones wearing the light blue shirts that said something about tumbling? We were right in front of a group of kids with those shirts on in Gemini's line.
I think I saw you guys also, I was between the Magnum and the Gemini about the whole day.

Did you think the Gemini was stacking badly, because I don't remember it being that bad last year.

Blue shirts...not the group I was walking around with at least.

If you saw the 2 teens doing a handstand contest and then doing a few flips, that was us :).

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