CP - 10/02 - Halloweekends Saturday - AWESOME!

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After having gone the previous weekend, my roommate Jim asked me to go along to Cedar Point with his little brother, Ben, for his birthday. We headed up Friday, took about 8 hours. Slept in the Hampton Inn, where I normally stay.

Woke up at 9:30 AM and caught some breakfast at BK (or lunch rather, 24 hour lunch menu). We headed to the park and arrived around 10:20 AM at the Soak City lot which was empty, got a front row parking spot. It was still raining lightly and didn't stop untill around 12:30-1:00 PM. They let us in at 11:00 AM. It suprised me because I thought that only JC and Resort Guests got in an hour early...seemed they were letting everyone in early.

We headed straight to Millennium Force, waited on the ramp for about 30 minutes as they tested it, and finally started moving. Got up to the station in about 10minutes and opted to wait for the front. I sat alone and had a good ride, even in the rain. I love leaning far forward on the first drop, front row on MF, feels like you're falling. It did seem to be running really slow during the morning, possibly because of the rain.

After MF we went directly to Mantis, as the line was back to the stairs, about a 15minute wait for the front. Good as always, the rain had cooled down by now.

The park was still pretty dead and we hit up Iron Dragon with the walk on. Made out way to Power Tower and chose the up side. Ben got a little sick on this ride, as we launched he was screaming of joy, and then we hit the top and he said "oooo my stomach" As we were going back down I thought he was spitting but noticed a little bit of puke had come out onto the pavement, and he stinked the rest back in, which was pretty gross.

After that disgusting incident we chose to ride Magnum with a 2-3 train wait. I sat alone in the Ejector seat, which was my first time in that seat. As I climbed the lift, I noticed the Soak City lot was still empty, as there were only a couple car rows back. The front parking lot however was starting to fill up. I loved the ejector seat, floated over all the hills. Ben and Jim rode in the middle-towards the rear. At the very end of their ride however, Ben puked in the grass while coming back into the station. People looked pretty disgusted, but some cheered him on.

Hit up the Gemini, red train next, as they had started testing after it had stopped raining completely. Took about 10 minutes because they hadn't had all cars of each train open. I rode alone near the front and had an ok ride.

Took a short break and grabbed MF freeway, and then headed up to get a Raptor freeway, as TTD had been down, not just due to rain, but to other problems. I had seen a mechanic near the TTD shed loading some sort of fuel through a hose. I figured it'd be up later in the day, so I kept my eye on it.

Food time! We all 3 grabbed pretzels with cheese near Magnum. We then trailed around the rear of the park hitting up CCMR, which broke while we were in line, so we chose to try out Mean Streak. Havn't ridden this one in a while, but I still love it like always, except for the trims. I remember when that drop used to be MEAN! After Mean Streak we checked back on the Mine Ride, and had about a 5 minute wait, due to only running 2 trains, which is very slow, why don't they run 3? Looks to me like they can. CCMR was a decent Mine Coaster like always.

Decided to take the Sky Ride to the front of the park where we hit Demon Drop with a 5-10 minute wait. Good as always, the height and feeling still get to me a little on this ride. Wicked Twister was still down this weekend which made me a little sad. Hopefully Raptor Rock's get well soon card will do it well.

Then we decided to go on Disaster Transport, which I hadn't ridden in the past few trips. Shorter queue this time then ever because of the Haunted Temple. Good fast ride, I always love the beginning dark zones of this ride, as it is fast and clueless where you're headed. The end was pretty weak as it got light in the tunnels. I wish I could have experienced this ride once with the theming, corney or not..

Went over to Blue Streak with about a 10minute wait. I sat with this crazy lady who seemed pretty scared of coasters. I think she had her eyes closed as she was screaming of fright and pleasure at the same time. It's pretty fun meeting interesting people while riding single. Halfway through the ride she like reached at my waist and was like feeling around, and I noticed she grabbed onto my lapbar aswell as hers. That was a little weird, but I'm a trooper...

After Blue Streak, we headed back towards the middle of the park, as we saw TTD starting to test, we rushed to the line and got up near the bleachers. They were testing with all six trains on the track. Which was a little weird. After about 20 minutes they started letting people in, we went to Station #1 and had about a 20minute wait from there, as they transfered off the Blue Train (The train I got my front seat rollback on last Saturday!) I'm curious as to why they had all 6 trains on in the first place.. TTD was flying like always, I sat with a man who I was just chatting with about TTD as we launched, caught me by suprise which was neat.

TTD cut into our Raptor and MF freeway times which was 6-7. We had about 40minutes to get them in, we rushed to the front to ride Raptor, and got the front, had a good ride, except the midway trims were on. Ben got a little sick, as he always does on loopers it seems. We had 12 minutes to make it back to Millennium Force. We used our freeway, and waited about 20minutes for towards the back of the train. I rode with a lady who was sitting behind her husband and daughter. Her daughter was tiny, it's always awesome seeing these little kids riding these monsters. She was really nervous as she hadn't ridden before. The G's are so much stronger in the back, as I was used to the front, forced to put my hands down at the bottom of the first drop. The ride was flying. I had my hands up the whole way, as the lady sort of looked at weird with my hands up, and I guess she decided it might be fun to put them up, as she put one arm up at the 4th hill. I sorta chuckled at that.

Wildcat was next, as we waited about 15 minutes for it. Me and Jim rode front and his brother rode behind us. He started feeling sick from the Raptor ride, He looked quezy through the entire ride, he was huddled into the corner of the car, and when we hit that final helix, and sped up into the brakes, he just spewed over the whole unloading station platform, while in the ride. The employee kept saying "bag him!" It was hillarious for me and Jim, we were busting up laughing, puking on PT up, Maggy, and WILDCAT! The employee put her shirt over her nose, as it was mostly liquid, no food. We laughed for a good 30 minutes after that. It was getting towards 8 O Clock, so we got some more pretzels from the Magnum stand.

Ben was still feeling bad, so he opted out of Corkscrew, Power Tower down, and Magnum.

Me and Jim headed for those 3, Corkscrew being suprisingly good in 2-1. Havn't ridden in a while, and loved the air time on the hill and the corkscrews. It wasn't running to rough.

Power Tower Down, was sweet as always, waited about 15minutes, and rode on the side with TTD and MF.

Magnum, I took Jim on the ejector seat, and we both enjoyed it a lot. Great air time.

After that we decided to hear around the back of the park and we all rode Gemini. I rode blue train, and Jim and Ben rode Red. Blue won hardcore, and we did a lot of hand slapping. Gemini always has a huge crowd reaction on night races.

Headed around the rear through frightzone as we hada monster leap at us from behind some fog, the fog being blinding by a bright green light.

We made our way to MF and waited about an hour 45 for the front. MF was blazing fast and awesome as always at night in the front. I sat next to a kid who seemed just like me. Chill on all the rides, showing no emotion what-so-ever, but we both enjoy the rides greatly.

We rushed to TTD with about 15 minutes left before midnight. Got our ride in about 35-40minutes. I sat with this crazy kid who had never ridden it before, and kept cursing. It was hillarious because he kept shaking and saying he was nervous and cold, and he was sweating a LOT. I thought it was funny because it took the pre-stage a LONG time to load, maybe about a minute or two, so this kid was just shaking for the longest time. Launch was great as we flew over the tophat. The kid loved it, just like everyone else who rides it after being nervous. I thought it was funny because his 2 friends who were sitting a car ahead of him, both had ridden it, but left his friend out to dry, alone, with me.

Well, that summed up our day as we trudged to the Hampton Inn, exausted. All in all it was a GREAT day, riding everything but Wicked Twister and MORE. 2 TTD rides, 3 MF rides-2 front. Crowds were light compared to previous Saturday. Cedar Point delivers once again! Can't wait to get back there the 23rd for my birthday, and possibly another weekend, for closing weekend.

Can not Imagine the way it feels riding a rollercoaster in the rain at that speed. Superman hurt at 77 MPH. and that was a slight drizzle.

-Eric: Major Parks: SFNE(homepark), SFA,SFGADV,CP,BGE,BGA,Kennywood,and Sea World: Track record 65 different coasters ridden #1 is Millennium Force #2 is El Toro and than there are all the others

It's not bad, just some short cold pain, then its over with.


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