Court rejects motion to dismiss Cedar Fair passholder lawsuit for 2020 passes

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Cedar Fair is ensnarled in a class-action lawsuit with some disgruntled season passholders that has been snaking its way through the courts since 2020. The lawsuit contends passholders were offered a full season of access to the parks but were left with limited options, if any, to use their passes in 2020, though the company extended them into 2021.

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Court ruled that Cedar Fair couldn't prove as a matter of law that the plaintiffs are not entitled to relief. There are facts in dispute though judge noted it might well be difficult for the plaintiffs to prove facts that are alleged.

Wonder how many people bought passes for 2020 and ended up using them in 2021. Experiences at at least some of the parks in 2020 and 2021 were not the same as the ones people were expecting when they bought for 2020 (some parks weren't open at all). Did people get value for those passes? I thought so with my pass.

Any award to the plaintiffs will likely go to the attorneys and passholders will get a t-shirt. LOL

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I mentioned this on PointBuzz, and while giving the passholders 2021 for "free," that's more complicated for the original plaintiff, who didn't live anywhere near a park. I think it's more reasonable that you should have given her the money back, but apparently all you really had to do was call to make that happen.

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