Couple's wedding clashes with Muslim fun day

SLFAKE said:
Not sure about the UK... but at most parks in the US, aren't most "buy outs" scheduled BEFORE the schedule of the park is made public for the year? (and shaded or otherwise noted)... and any that are scheduled later are ususally scheduled on days when the park is otherwise closed?

That is typically how things are done here in the U.S. SFOT has all their company buyouts the first weekends in November when the park is not open to the public. As far as I know the parks that advertise being open all year round (Busch, Knott's) do not have company buyouts. Alton Towers is advertised as being open 365 days a year. What is going to happen to the people who just happen to show up on September 16 for what they expect is a typical day at the park? I've seen nothing on their website to indicate that a special event is taking place that day.

from what the article said the couple booked the park before the group did.

So shouldn't the islamic group obey the couples rules? *** Edited 7/12/2006 8:42:16 PM UTC by majortom1981***

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What's with the file date on that article? Under the headline.

European date format is dd/mm/yy... ;)

Wacky Europeans! :)

OhioStater said:
Images of the Flanders at Cedar Point.
"Hidely Ho...quick kids, lets get in line for Millenium Force!"
"Hooray...310 feet closer to god!"

LMAO! Thanks OhioStater.

I'm glad this didn't happen for my wedding. I know just how disconnected things were for our reservations: hotel rooms, a wedding venue, a banquet hall, and reserving a roller coaster ride. Even though it was all the same company (West Edmonton Mall), we dealt with three different operations teams, and in most cases, they didn't have a clue what each other were doing.

I think many places, not just amusement parks, need much better communication between departments. Especially if there is a guest services department who needs to know about the constant changes that are being made to a certain item/service.

My own workplace needs much, much better communications between all 7 staff members in order for this library to run like it should. We rarely have staff meetings and then only what the director wants to talk about is on the adgenda. I frequently find myself doing something that someone else has or is already doing, or not knowing that something is happening.

One for instance, the director put something in the paper saying the library needed some volunteers and announced a special event without telling any of the staff. That was her last day before a 2 week long vacation. The day the paper was delivered, we got at least 5 phone calls and 3 walk-ins of people who wanted to know more or help. Thats just the first day. All we could say is "I don't know what your talking about" Then we read the article ourselves and find out what is going on. We still didn't have answers to their questions or any sign-up forms for those interested.

I'm sure I'm not the only person who has experienced these problems, but here it has happened too often to be ignored. That is why I am applying to get a job somewhere else. Ok, I'm done fuming now, you may now continue with your regularly scheduled thread.

I think that Alton Towers should consider changing their name to Fawlty Towers, at least for the hotel complex. Basil Fawlty couldn't have done better!


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