Could you please help me

Monday, December 23, 2002 3:24 PM

I know that this doesn't have to do with coasters but I would really appreciate your help if you could just help me with my problem.

I play the piano. A few years ago I got a Yahama Clavinova and it was like 8,000 so Im trying to use all the features.

I don't have that much money since I'm only 13 so I decided I want to make a CD for my mom with music on it that I played from my piano.

I saved it onto the piano's floppy drive and put it onto the computer. It plays fine and all but heres the problem.

The file its saved as is a MIDI file. In order to put it onto a CD I need a mp3 or a wav file. I tried to go to but I couldn't find anything.

Do you guys have any ideas? I'd really appreciate it if you could help me out.

Thank you and have a great Christmas!


Monday, December 23, 2002 3:54 PM

Download the free trial version of dart recorder
By the way, i found it also at, just type midi and wav

Monday, December 23, 2002 4:08 PM

You should be declared a saint.

Thank you so much!

If you want to be happy for a few hours play rollercoaster tycoon 2.

If you want to be happy for a day go to Cedar Point.

If you want to be happy for a lifetime help other people.


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