Could other parks be helped by Mr. Six?

Saturday, April 9, 2005 5:23 PM
I live in Northern Michigan and just saw my first amusement park commercial of the year. It wasn't for Michigan's Adventure, Cedar Point, Geauga Lake, or even the new Thunderfalls Family Water Park that was built about twenty minutes away from me. It was for Six Flags and featured last year's break out star Mr. Six.

The commercials do say Six Flags all over them, but they do not mention specific parks. I was just wondering if you thought that, with the general public, these commercials could actually entice people to visit non Six Flags parks. The general public probably doesn't notice the difference between parks that have rollercoasters and stuff. They might just think that going to a park sounds like fun and plan a trip to the park nearest them (in my case Michigan's Adventure or Thunderfalls) After all, many people call tissue paper kleenex even though it is not necessarily that brand.

I've just been wondering if Mr. Six has as much potential to help the competition as it does to help Six Flags. And you might hear people saying that they went to Six Flags when they actually went to a different park altogether. It is especially an interesting thought to me since there are no Six Flags parks anywhere near where I live.

Saturday, April 9, 2005 5:26 PM
It didnt mention a park just because Northern Michigan doesnt have a SF park. Ive seen Mr. 6 commercials in Florida and Myrtle among other places, it helps for name recognition.

Also, I think that people are smart enough to realize that Six Flags isn't Michigan's Adventure.

Saturday, April 9, 2005 6:59 PM
I don't know when I was in IOA a guy tould me that this was the best Disney park ever made.

Saturday, April 9, 2005 9:02 PM
LOL I heard that one in december as well Vortex. "Disney really went all out with this one"
Saturday, April 9, 2005 9:59 PM
Almost any commercial for a product may help the competion. You may see a Pepsi commercial, realize that you are thirsty, and go get a Coke or a beer out of the refrigerator.
Saturday, April 9, 2005 10:25 PM
That is the type of thing that I was thinking of. I didn't mean to suggest that the commercials are a mistake and I understand that they are done for name recognition. But if Six Flags did enough national advertising like this, would the day come where people just generically called all amusement parks "Six Flags?" With the obvious exception of Disney or other Central Florida based parks.
Saturday, April 9, 2005 10:26 PM
I think it could help other parks, it makes for a great ad, if only the parks could live up to customer service, when they used to run Six Flags WoA, yea I liked the park because it used to be Geauga Lake (and it is now) I wasn't all impressed with the way they operate.
Saturday, April 9, 2005 10:48 PM
lol, When I worked at IOA, people would ask me where Tower of Terror was. I'd say, "Well, you go down I-Drive a few miles and..." What a hoot.

I don't think people will start calling any ol' park Six Flags like they do any ol' soda a Coke. Just look at SFs quality (as a park) compared to Cokes (as a sodapop).

Sunday, April 10, 2005 12:54 AM
Regardless of Mr. Six , people probably know the name Disney and Six Flags more than any other amusement/theme park chain.

If Six Flags feels that they can successfully market their product in Northern Michigan, more power to them. If they were smart, they would have specified SFGAm in that market as that would probably be the closest SF park to them.

Sunday, April 10, 2005 7:59 AM
Interesting point Chitown. I had never thought about it before, but I looked it up on mapquest. SFGAm is about a seven and a half hour drive from my house. Not bad considering that MiA is about four hours away and Cedar Point is close to six hours. Plus Geauga Lake (which used to be advertised here as Six Flags Worlds of Adventure) is probably about a seven hour drive.
Sunday, April 10, 2005 11:18 AM
As far as the commercial helping other parks it may. I remember a Survey/Study that said when Mcdonalds and Burger King are within a few hundred feet of each other both stores do more business.So if the commercial helps other parks it is also helping Six Flags as it is intended to do.Of course if those people who watch the commercial and come to the the park get lousy service in a dirty park they will not return again.Of course they will still be standing in front of us for the rides :(


P.S. I was triing to point out if they had problems with customer service and staffing in the park a few (hundred)thousand more customers will only make that worse.

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