Could Great Adventure's loss become America's gain?

In pictures that look eerily like Cedar Point from last year, over at Screamscape there are pictures of Riptide at SFGAdv. (the Arrow flume over by Skull Mountain) being taken down.

Since Six Flags America has never had a proper working log flume, and with the possibility of Typhoon Sea Coaster being taken out, does anyone have any hope we could get a "real" log flume one of these years? In other words, does anyone know the condition of Riptide?

Just so anyone doesn't feel too bad for Great Adventure, they'll still be left with the awesome and long Saw Mill Splash log flume across from the Runaway Mine Train.

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Not a bad guess there, I-Fan...

Been wondering about SFA's TSC dilemma, cool ride, but a headache of EPIC proportions, and a capacity nightmare to boot.

Isn't Riptide a hydroflume? Honestly, as much time as I've spent at GAdv, I really don't do flats there except for the TopSpin and the Parachute Jump. Most of those 80s-era Arrow flumes are still *operable* even if not in the greatest condition.

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Considering Gadv's flume is being shredded apart with backhoes, I doubt it's going anywhere but the dump.
Where is Riptide in relation to SFGRADV's freefall? Perhaps it's being partially removed temporarily to make way for construction equipment to get in there to remove the ride.

Take it for what it's worth <which probably isn't much,if anything>but there are some rumors circulating that claim that TSC may be removed & replaced with a small coaster in that footprint<personally the skull island area doesn't need another coaster with Roar nearby> followed closely by a rumor of SFNO's B:TR coming to the park & being installed in the infield between JJ & WO.

Now the B:TR rumor I find to be too far fetched & unlikely simply because they'd need to remove & replace ME with something & B:TR couldn't be put there due to noise issues,a mine train would be nice over there to fit the CC theme but that would result in the ME footprint standing empty for years with RR as the only high capacity ride in that section if B:TR were to be installed in GC first in 08.

At the bottom of the pictures, it looks like the one piece sits mangled in with a bunch of junk unfortunately. It looks like the same steps as the WWL removal too, where they strip the fiberglass off the support structure first.

Secondly, that is in really good site for aerial photography (not screamscape;). Not just for coasters but everything.

Riptide had a very short operational schedule and had problems. It was generally only open from Memorial Day to Labor Day and had was broken down a lot in the past few seasons.

I only rode it once but I'll miss it since it generally had a shorter line compared to the Saw Mill Log Flume.

Yikes! All these SFGAdv rides biting the dust! First, the reduction of the 25 rides from 1999, then the Enterprise from last year, and now 2 more rides?!

Yea, I'd like to see SFA get a more normal log flume. Actually, I'd like to see them get an OD Hopkins like SFFT has, but I don't know that it would happen.

Maybe if they do remove TSC, then they could improve the layout of the park.

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Intamin Fan said:

Just so anyone doesn't feel too bad for Great Adventure, they'll still be left with the awesome and long Saw Mill Splash log flume across from the Runaway Mine Train.

Not much to add to the main point of discussion but yes, that is one kickass log flume. If I weren't so lazy I would dedicate a site just for log flumes, it would be awsome. :)

I only rode Riptide once (at least in the present day), and I believe it was the year that Nitro opened. I don't remember seeing it in operation any other time I'd been there, or we just skipped it.

I remember mentioning to a friend a while back about the two log flumes at Great Adventure (and this person had been a lot) and he went, "They have two?" I think Riptide was easily missed amid all the "clutter" in that area, from Skull Mountain and Looney Tunes Seaport to B:TR and Nitro.

I might have ridden this flume... if it is the same one that was there in 1978 and called the Moon Flume.

If so... yet another part of (the once) GREAT Adventure goes away.

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Wasn't Ultratwister going to America? I see a problem with that park having two inverted coasters. People are going to start hating Mind Eraser, and enjoying Batman. Mind Eraser will have no line, and Batman will be a crowd pleaser. I say dump an SLC ride at some park. I really don't like them.
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As with SFKK, no park that HAS a standing operating SLC is going to get a B&M invert...there's just no reason to do so, and every reason NOT to...
^ Interestingly enough, SFM is the only SF park that has a Batman: The Ride that is not a B&M. So, I guess it would make sense, in a way, to replace that SLC with a "real" B:TR :)

No, this doesn't really make good sense, but I thought I'd throw it out there. :)

^^ Technically, SFA already has 2 inverted coasters--ME and TF:TFS. Hmm....while we're on the subject of inverted coasters in one park, which park holds the record for this? [if by "inverted" we mean "rigid (non-swinging) suspended coasters] I know SFGAm has 3--Batman, V2, and Deja Vu--anyone know of a park that has more?

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^^^Ultratwister is there,it's just sitting in pieces where the defunct python shuttle looper sat for a good 7 years or so after two face replaced it.

The difference between ME & TF:TFS is that one is complete circuit,while the other is a shuttle...the same can be aplied to SFGRAM's invert line up as well with B:TR being the only complete circuit ride of the three.

Now if B:TR were to go to SFA they'd have a problem,which I pointed out in another thread with ME having to be removed & that site left vacant as a B&M can't be placed there due to the noise issues.This of course would present a real problem in the coyote creek area as then you'd have renegade rapids as the only major attraction there,which is crowded enough on most days even when ME has a full queue.

The other problem is that it'd cost money to remove the SLC<no matter what SF park aside from SFFT recieved SFNO's B:TR> & then install the B&M & that's money that SFI simply doesn't have right now.

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Here are some fly-over pictures...

what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard.
Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it.
I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

You know, it could wind up at Great Escape. Just because they have an SLC sitting there in peices doesn't mean it's ever going to find a proper home there. AstroWorld's SLC could be used for spare parts elsewhere in the chain (*cough* T2 *cough*). Then again, the same could be said of B:TR.

Has anyone ever been to Magic Springs in Arkansas. They are said to have new SLC trains that are supposed to reduce the discomfort of the old SLC.

If they are smoother do you think that they should replace the trains on all SLC.

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Here's what I find amazing; If you go to the Vekoma homepage, they have new trains available for both the SLC's and the regular boomerangs. One park in Europe already has the new open-sided boomerang trains (that came with their new boomerang) and they look awesome.

The way they describe the new SLC trains is that they have independent wheel-boogies, which anyone whose ridden an Invertigo can tell you makes all the difference in the world in comfort level. The harnesses are also different. I would love to see Mr. Shapiro pony up the money for new trains, but I don't see that happening.

I believe the trains on Magic Springs' SLC are the same as on every other SLC. The "new trains" that were rumored never materialized.

^^^Ultratwister is there,it's just sitting in pieces where the defunct python shuttle looper sat for a good 7 years or so after two face replaced it.

When's the last time you checked? I'm fairly confident that Ultratwister is no longer at SFA.


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Magic Springs SLC = all other SLCs.

Yeah, I was disappointed too... ;)

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