Costco interested in Kiddieland site.

Buck, as the saying goes **** happens. No how bad a hand you've been dealt, try to look on the bright side. Believe me, I've had some pretty crapola stuff happen. :)

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It's kind of amusing that expressing an opinion on the matter somehow translates itself to the inability to move on, irrational behavior, and a sentencing to a life of misery due to one's inability to let go of that which you can't control.

Come on guys, let's not get carried away with the implications. Most of the people who are weighing in on the advice to let go and move on have also said they may feel a little sad along the way. That's no more valid than what others have expressed here.

I doubt anyone is losing sleep over this issue.

"If passion drives you, let reason hold the reins." --- Benjamin Franklin

I wasn't making any specific observation about folks posting one way or the other in this thread. Just agreeing with Mamoosh on a point that he made and adding a related point that I have observed in my life as well.

And as I noted in my other point, a lot of folks have negative views on big box retail (either in general or with specific retailers) which is fine. But at the same time, the numbers appear to indicate that large numbers of folks like big box retail. And I find the love/hate relationship that so many folks appear to have with big box retail to be interesting (particularly with Walmart because the hate usually appears to be significantly stronger).

And I doubt that many folks lose sleep over any issue raised in these threads.

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