Friday, March 4, 2005 12:29 PM
In April, I am going to Costa Rica with some people and a few teachers from my school. I looked at RCDB for an amusement park, and there is one on San Jose. Luckily, we are spending 4 nights there. Yea, I am sooo there. I was just wondering if any of you have some more info about the park, I'm pretty sure it is called Parque de Diversiones, since I found RCDB to not be very helpful, other than listing the coasters. I didn't really expect it to have much on the park anyways.
Friday, March 4, 2005 2:51 PM
Two kiddie coaster, a Zyklon, and Knoebel's old Vekoma Whirlwind. Enjoy ;)
Friday, March 4, 2005 4:14 PM
I am learning, as I get older, that not every vacation has to involve roller coasters.

In 2005, I'll be spending at least one night each in Denver, Las Vegas, Birmingham and Chattanooga, and I probably won't ride coasters in any of them.

Friday, March 4, 2005 4:21 PM
Well, those places are one thing, but it would be very hard to convince me to go to a crappy little amusement park if I ever got the chance to go to Costa Rico. In Vegas, I would probably ride at least one of them.
Friday, March 4, 2005 4:27 PM
Den, you are missing two good woodies then, but I don't blame you for skipping Visionland ;)

Lake Winnie is pay per ride though, I think you should at least take 1/2 an hour and go ride Cannonball.

Friday, March 4, 2005 4:59 PM
Do they have a ride called Coasterica? :D
Friday, March 4, 2005 10:38 PM
Den- I'm sorry dude.

Word-Well we are in the area, and I just couldn't pass up some more credits. Haha.

TTD-That'd be hilarious.

Moosh-I find it funny that I've been on Knoebel's WHirlwind before.

Friday, March 4, 2005 10:54 PM
Den, I agree about not having to hit parks on every or most vacations. I don't ever expect to go out of my way just to get another credit unless that park really has something worth stopping for. Something unique I'll stop for, but another mouse, corkscrew, Zyklon, Wildcat, etc... No thanks.

But you should stop at Lakeside while in Denver. You can get two spins on the Cyclone and wild chipmuck and be on your way in under an hour and without much out of pocket. Plus it's not too far from downtown and actually on your way from downtown to the mountains if you're using I-70. Cyclone is not the best coaster in the world, but a well deserved ACE Coaster Classic. Those are the ones that I'll never pass by!

Saturday, March 5, 2005 3:25 AM
But Incidentalist.. a credit is a credit! :)
Saturday, March 5, 2005 3:37 AM
Maybe for you, definately for others, but I'm not that much of a credit whore. The coasters at the park in question wouldn't be enough to drag me out of the rain forest, off the beach, or out of my wetsuit and scuba gear. Too many unique and special things just for a lousy Zyklon and Whirlwind. If I want to get beat up, I'll just pick a fight at the local bar. It's a better story in the long run.

Personally, with the exceptions of Canada, Europe and Japan, I don't ever see myself getting a credit in a foreign country. And even in the ones mentioned, I'd only hit a few selected parks rather than as many as possible.

Saturday, March 5, 2005 4:07 AM
You have a point, except that a fight in a bar doesn't count on your track record. :)

(Ok, I'll try turning credit whore mode off... at least until I get to Solace)

Saturday, March 5, 2005 12:49 PM
If a small amusement park with an adult coaster(s)is in the immediate area Im staying in and it will take less than an hour of my time to get the credit, Ill ride the damn thing. But as far as vaca plans, if there is a major park with decent rides in the area, I hafta to set aside a day. In regards to getting credit in foreign countries, Im from the Philippines, and the 'best' coaster they have is (sigh) a Vekoma boomerang, which i got credit for. They also have a Zyklon looper, a Zamperla family coaster and a Vekoma junior coaster, which I really wont go out of my way for.
Saturday, March 5, 2005 9:30 PM
I just figured, "Hey, I'm in the immediate area for 4 nights and I will have a lot of free time in the city on those nights, so why not?"
Monday, March 7, 2005 12:29 PM
Incidentalist, you convinced me to check out Lakeside... but when I went to their Web site, I saw they don't open the big rides until 6 p.m. on weekdays. That's not going to work out for me... :(
Monday, March 7, 2005 12:46 PM
Den - You could visit SFEG and that would still be true. For that matter, you could ride Twister and the Flying Coaster and STILL make that claim.


Monday, March 7, 2005 12:53 PM
Den, too bad you won't be able to make Lakeside happen.

Don't bother with SFEG unless you are in credit whore mode. While I haven't had a chance to ride Halfpipe yet, the only coaster worth spending quality time on is the Arrow shuttle loop.

Playa, what claim?

Monday, March 7, 2005 1:08 PM
I agree that not every vacation has to involve coasters. If I thought otherwise, I'd have never gone to Hawaii.

(That said, I DID look into the feasibility of hitting Pacific Park during my 5 hour layover at LAX on the way out. I wisely chose to just chill and kick back a few at Encounter watching the heavies take off and land in the fog, which was plenty entertaining.)

However, I have to admit that when I'm in Maine this summer for a friend's wedding, part of my trip plans DO include a stop at Funtown. *** Edited 3/7/2005 6:11:04 PM UTC by GregLeg***

Monday, March 7, 2005 1:33 PM

Den said:

In 2005, I'll be spending at least one night each in Denver...and I probably won't ride coasters in any of them.

That one.

He could say he rode a choo-choo and got beat up instead. ;)


Tuesday, March 8, 2005 4:12 AM
I thought that's where you were going with that.

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