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Thursday, May 17, 2001 5:25 PM
I have worked many summers at Indiana Beach, so I will try to be unbiased as possible about IB's new coaster. I will leave opinions to those who post after tomorrow's Media Day or from future visits.

The CornBall started testing last week, but despite working at the Beach last Saturday, and numerous trips over after work I couldn't get my first rides as something was always being worked on.

Finally, this evening got my chance as they were running CornBall to check the computer system and also greasing the bearings. I guess the coaster has already run up more than 200 "laps."

First thing, CCI did an incredible job of putting another coaster over the park, the water, and rides. No attractions lost, just a couple of KidLand rides moved a smidge.

And what I thought was to be another "family" attraction took me by surprise when the 1st drop was built. Estimated at 53 degrees, and twisting to the left, I saw uplift steel on the left side of the drop when riding the front seat. Even tho there is a flat section off of the lift, the back car is ripped over this hill as it twists.

The 2nd hill was deceiving. Although very well banked, it does not fly as fast as I had thought it would. But the rest of the ride makes up for it.

The 2nd drop is behind KLand leading to a pop up hill, swoop curve behind the Tig'rr coaster, then the water drop which dives under steel...a sort of cantilevered support structure. Both front and back get air here.

Up and up to and thru the Hoosier Hurricane structure, slowing just a bit, turning 90 degrees to the left on a FLAT curve. Here one section of CornBall parallels Hurricane's last drop as it dives down behind its station, under the brake, then turns left above KLand.

The track rises to a POP UP hill and into the center of the helix. The train travels clockwise as the track flattens. A small hill ends the helix, then a drop and twist to the right back near the 1st drop. A bunny hill ends the ride and CornBall twists up, right, fast, and hard into the brakes.

CE also sports a sophisticated computer system for braking, counting "laps," and timing the ride. My last one was timed at 44 the lift into brakes.

I hope everyone who rides CornBall Express is as pleasantly surprised as I was. No preference for which end of train yet, as both provide air time that my beloved Hoosier Hurricane lacks.

There's more than corn---and CCIs (4!)---in Indiana!

25 summers at the place and you'd think I get a gold watch....instead another wooden coaster. Life is sweet! *** This post was edited by IB Dave on 5/17/2001. ***
Thursday, May 17, 2001 5:53 PM
AWESOME! Now I'm ready for it tomorrow! It looks so amazing...*waiting patiently*

At approximately 4:30pm tomorrow, I will take my first ride...I'm siked!

Who was at BGW on April 28th.
Thursday, May 17, 2001 5:54 PM
Sweet it sounds really awesome. I just hope this is a new start for the small park. Hopefull it will bring in enough profits to do some major expanding.
Thursday, May 17, 2001 6:16 PM
they really don't have room for major expanding, but as far as i can tell, they have been doing very well for the past few years.

Thursday, May 17, 2001 6:21 PM
Great Ride Review...I'm pretty excited to ride it tomorrow as well! I think the dive over the water looks pretty good, and I think this will be a back seat ride. How were the lap bars?

Looking forward to another new coaster tomorrow! I had one today at SFGAm... ;)

"No listenin', you hear me?"

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