Cornball Express grabs the headlines with its debut

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Cornball Express, Indiana Beach's newest coaster, is in the Journal and Courier Online. It has a nice sized story about the coaster. It talks about when it comes to roller coasters, how size doesn't always matter.

Check it out on The Journal Courier.

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I went to Indiana Beach yesterday (Sunday) to try out this new CCI. What a ride! The front seat drags a lot over the tops of the hills, but the back seat is unrelenting. The airtime is abundant throughout the entire ride, especially into and out of the 540 helix. There was much better airtime in the back seat exiting the hills rather than the front seat when entering the peaks. The ride is full of interesting laterals, both throughout the mildly banked helix and the left hand turns at the peaks of the first several hills. The best part of the ride....the lapbars are the old fashioned style, hovering about six inches above your legs. I rode 10 times in the first hour and was on the first 8 consecutive trains. Great job CCI!!
Just echoing what Coaster Joe said, I was lucky enough to be able to go on Media Day and get rides with Bruce, Scott & Carol and a host of other enthusiasts down for the opening and had a complete blast. I won't go into a whole TR here but look out for the possibility of getting soaked by the log flume as it comes down right beside the first drop which is absolutely insane!
The article was great! Thanks to the Journal Courier for the great coverag and for spelling my name right.:)

I am definitely looking forward to visiting IB this year for the first time. 2 CCI coasters just adds to that temptation.


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