Corn dog stand goes up in flames at Adventureland

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Altoona fire officials are looking for the cause of a blaze early today that destroyed a building at Adventureland. A cause of the fire could not immediately be determined. A fire official said the corn dog restaurant was fully involved in flames when firefighters arrived.

Read more from The Des Moines Register.

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Oh the humanity!

There's always money in the corn dog stand...

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Wasn't there a fire at Adventureland during the off-season a few years ago as well?

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If I didn't know better, I would say Adventureland was competing with Cedar Point for the number of fires.

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Flyer Addict Chris said:
There's always money in the corn dog stand...


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Maybe they were experimenting with Jalepeno Dogs or Pepper Jack Cheese on a stick, and it got too hot.

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Yes, a few of the Mainstreet area buildings were lost two winters ago due to an electrical fire.

The corn dog stand in question *was* right in the center of the park between the log flume and the bumper cars. For anyone concerned, this was not the big pig food stand. :)

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I'd like to add another +1 to Raven-Phile's for Chris's Arrested Development joke.

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I never watched Arrested Development. Can someone enlighten me? I saw that one of the commenters on the paper's website used that same quote about "money in the corn dog stand."

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Never watched it, either, but a quick Google search found me to this.

Spend the $9 or whatever it is for a month of Netflix, and watch the entire run of Arrested Development. Worth every penny, in my opinion.

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On the bright side, this fire probably smelled GREAT!


I particularly like this line:

"...was fully involved in flames"

Not sure "involved" was the right choice of words. But it appears to be a quote and was published in a newsapaper. I wonder if someone's SpellCheck suggested "involved" for "engulfed"....

But what do I know?..I'm just an English major who likes rollie coasters.

The amusement park rises bold and are huddled on the beach in a mist

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I wondered the same thing as I am in Fire Protection and have always said engulfed. However, I spoke with someone in the office about it and apparently both terms are acceptable.

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No Gravy was destroyed. It shouldn't matter :)

Chalk up another victim for the Cornballer -- still banned in Mexico!


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