Cool Photo of Phantom Revenge Preseason Testing

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Ok, I will say it, You must have to be a real dummy to ride that coaster!
^Wow, I wondered how long it would take for that joke to show up.

There is no better sound than that of a wooden rollercoaster climbing the first hill

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...apparently it took around 26 minutes! ;)

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Oh noes!!! What happened to the dummies in the front?

Now are those birds riding on the dummy's heads in the 6th and 7th cars? Reminds me of the opening of Apollo's Chariot.
Interesting point...Assuming those are the same dummies that I am thinking of (and it's impossible to tell for sure from that photo)

Those dummies are a little different from the classic ride testing ballast dummies because they are equipped with articulated legs...that is to say, legs that have knee joints. The move away from shoulder restraints has made it necessary to come up with ballast dummies that are secured in the rides in the same way that real people are.

I assume that is the type of dummy being used on Phantom because apparently when the manufacturer was developing the dummy, the Phantom was one of the first rides it was tested on.

In fact, here's the page from the manufacturer's site.

--Dave Althoff, Jr.

Walt, they're probably trash bags. Some of the dummies are a little leaky, so they put trash bags in as a liner before filling them with water.
I know that KW does have some of the dummies you describe Dave. I've seen them, knee joints and all, by Swing Shot.
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eightdotthree said:
Oh noes!!! What happened to the dummies in the front?

I gotta ride somewheres!


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...and if you go in the back there's too much a chance of getting wet.


they are trash bags i was the peron who filled those dumb things. They leak badly so we put trash bags in as a bladder they weigh about 150lbs and suck to get in or out. As for the front seat as we break the train in we slowly begin to take dummies out reducing weight to see how the train responds.

Life is like a merry go round; everyone gets to ride but few dare to grab the brass ring!
kpjb - check your PM ;)
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So the water dummies simulate people puking? :)

Is Ghostwood Estate supposed to be opening with the park on May 3rd?
Last I heard, media day for the ride was scheduled for Friday, so it sounds promising.

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