Cool dream about Holidayworld, Voyage and Greezed Lightnin'

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I don't get these really great coaster dreams much anymore...

Had a dream last night that I was at Holidayworld for some event - and Voyage had a bunch of interesting changes. Some smaller rabbit type hills were in place of the large camel backs. Then we rode in the new Timberliners and they felt very strange.

The best part of the dream was that Greezed Lightnin' was purchased by Holidayworld and laying in a field. Work was already progressing on the foundations and structure. Large concrete footers were being used because the loop and first reverse point of the ride were built on the side of a hill. It was a great dream :) So real, I wanted to get up and make sure it wasn't real.


And this is suppose to foster a discussion? How can there be a debate about a topic so subjective about one person's dreams? A topic of dreams on this site, common!

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Geez - just sharing the joy of being a coaster enthusiast.

Should I delete the topic?


I don't see why this isn't as good a topic to discuss as anything else. I love my roller coaster/amusement park dreams, though they don't happen often enough for my liking. Sometimes when I take an 8-10 day park trip, I'll get nightly dreams for a week afterward.

And Greezed Lightnin would be perfect for Holiday World. Or almost any other park, for that matter. Heck, Camden Park still has the footprint from Demon. It would fit right in there, I'm guessing.

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got2havefun said:
A topic of dreams on this site, common!

No, it's not really all that common...

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I don't have many coaster dreams, oddly enough. Maybe back in '99 or 2000, in the building mania (and the height of my mania), but not so much anymore.

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I rarely have dreams like that anymore. When I do it usually involves a park with coasters in the background. I can't recall having a dream about any specific coaster or park, though.

I like the flying dreams a lot better. You can pull as many G's as you want. ;)


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This dream was so awesome, I wanted to share it - can't wait for the day we can 'plug in' to put our dreams on DVD and youtube :)

I used to have a recurring dream as a kid - up till a few years ago about the Tidal Wave at Great America. Basically, it just ran too fast up the front spike and flew off the end... but then the dream was over.


My recurring coaster dream finds me and some random people on an out and back wooden coaster, typically CP's Blue Streak. Always, somewhere during the out portion, our train valleys and we are left to sit there waiting for help. I'm always looking back over my shoulder, though, toward the first drop, just in case... and then it appears - the second train full of riders coming over the crest. Nobody is ever paying attention but me, so my job (in the few terrifying seconds we have left) is to alert everybody and get them out of the train before we get smashed to smithereens. Then I wake up.

That's definitely not the 'good' kind of coaster dream....

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No, it isn't. But I'm not sure Greezed Lightning at HW would be a good dream, either. Camden? Yes.

But to keep it on the light side, one of my better park-related dreams has me entering the world's best amusement park. I don't have this one very often, but it's usually the same with me very excited to know that I am finally there. Occasionally the dream is ruined with one of those scenes where I am so close to the fun, but no matter how hard I try I can't seem to budge from my spot. Kinda like the one where you are running as hard as you can and getting nowhere.

Hmmm...Ok, maybe all my park-related dreams are crappy!

The thing that's always struck me the most about my semi-frequent dreams about parks and specific coasters is that the locations and rides are never as they are in reality..I'm talking about the actual appearance. I had a dream the other night about El Toro, and it was partially indoors, in a building reminiscent of Voyage's queue and station.

The amusement park rises bold and are huddled on the beach in a mist

Jeff said: I don't have many coaster dreams, oddly enough. Maybe back in '99 or 2000...but not so much anymore.

You're a new daddy -- can't imagine you are getting much sleep, much less time to dream! :)


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CoasterDemon said:
can't wait for the day we can 'plug in' to put our dreams on DVD and youtube :)

I'll pass, thank you. My dreams-- coaster and otherwise-- are usually on the strange side. Sometimes I'll dream that I'm at some park and want to get to a certain ride before the park closes. Except the place in my dream is nothing like the park I'm supposedly visiting. If they put my park dreams on youtube, they would make "Nights In White Satin" look like "It's a Small World."

I hear you. Irritatingly, my park-specific dreams only marginally resemble their real counterparts. Even stranger, my fictional dream parks now have their own self-continuity over many dreams. That is to say, when I visit Geauga Lake in Lala-land, it's pretty much always the same, with the same set of fictitious coasters -- and has little to do with the real GL.

When I dream of Kings Island, the Beast is always this strange sort of hand-held zipline coaster that begins in a station like the old Beer Gardens building. The ride extends, mostly on a level, out over an Oktoberfest-like lake that sits about where the Tumble Bug used to be located. And it doesn't matter how many times I re-visit KI in my dreams --- that's the Beast.

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I just dreamed last night that I was at Marvel Superhero Island, which was a separate park from IOA, and was located where Citywalk is now. It was two levels. The really weird part? ...The bottom level was underwater, and you had to swim underwater to get to the Spiderman ride. lol

I dreamed a few months ago that I was visiting Wizarding World of Harry Potter. It was on a sandy beach, and I had to take a water slide to get to it. lol


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I really don't have dreams like that anymore, at least not that I can remember.

Mostly, I dream about stuff at work, or home improvement projects... :(

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