Cool interview with Lakemont Park's Barry Kumpf

Found this while surfing:

A fun read on a cold winter's day. He has some nice things to say about enthusiasts, also.

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That was a very nice interview.

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Barry is an awesome guy, the park is very lucky to have him. And while the coaster footers are being inspected, he can support the ride himself, negating the need for an expensive crane! ;)

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From that article:

Barry Kumpf said:
A $39.99 or $49.99 per person amusement park would simply not work in our marketplace, even with the most elaborate of today's attractions.

Nice to get professional confirmation of something I've said for a while - some of those 'great value' parks are like that (at least in part) because they have to be.

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We were fortunate enough to visit Lakemont during our 3 1/2 week cross-country coaster marathon in August 2007. We had a fun day and the price-value was amazing. We were there on the day they hold their annual classic car show and enjoyed walking around the grounds looking at the restored classic cars. We stopped at the office to say hello to Barry and he walked us around the park. He is a very gracious person.

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Yes, he is a very cool guy and even more "giant" than me! :)

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I love News Plus Notes! It has become a regular stop for me.

Barry is one of the good guys. His enthusiasm for his job is really top notch.

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