Controversial Orlando-Tampa bullet train plan may die

Posted Thursday, June 26, 2003 5:17 AM | Contributed by Jeff

Distracted by a loss of funding and under pressure from Gov. Jeb Bush, high-speed rail officials deferred a decision Wednesday on a controversial route for the Tampa-to-Orlando leg of the state's bullet train. At the same time, the board of the High Speed Rail Authority worked out a plan that might persuade Gov. Jeb Bush to restore to the state budget $7.2-million in operating capital he slashed last week with a line-item veto.

Disney has used its influence to offer a station on-property that would help pay for the rail line by attracting customers, but only if the authority doesn't operate the route through the International Drive area and to competing attractions.

Read more from The St. Petersburg Times.

Thursday, June 26, 2003 2:06 PM
Jeff said,

Just because you think that gas is cheap, with total disregard for the consumption of fossil fuel and environmental impact doesn't mean it's right or not a problem.

I never stated a disregard for the impacts of using gas. I was just replying to GregLeg's statement that "SUV owners complain about the price of gas anyway".

As to more efficient means of transport or alternate fuels / engines, I say bring 'em on. If people want it, they'll pay for it, within reason. If I can find a cheaper way to get around that meets my needs (mileage, cargo capability, etc.), I'm in! It's that simple. That desire is what will drive the speed of development of these different transportation options, not some silly government bureaucracy. Isn't the free market system beautiful? :)

BTW, my '98 Blazer (16/20 mpg) with OBD2 emissions controls puts out less than a quarter of the crap than I can see coming out of the tailpipes of some of the beaters running around here.;)

"Here's the thing about living in the past. If it was so good, then how come it didn't last? If it helps you, I'll put it in a phrase. Those were the times, but these are the days." - The Human League


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