Contract caricature artist allegedly stabs another after being fired at Universal's Islands of Adventure

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Fredrick Torres, a former contract caricature artist at Islands of Adventure, allegedly attacked a former coworker at the park after being fired. His former boss says he made the threat after being asked to leave. Witnesses say he stabbed Glenn Ferguson several times with scissors.

Read more from The Orlando Sentinel.

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In 3 days the Go Fund Me account shows over 41,000 bucks, with a goal of 50 thou. What an awesome show of support.

And how tragic for this extremely talented guy. In the photo of Mr. Ferguson some of his caricatures are visible on the studio wall and they look amazing. Now his newlywed wife has to bear expense, not to mention fear and heartache. And all because he showed up to work one day to face a wack job. Awful.

Caricature and sketch artists at amusement parks are usually contract employees, and Universal sure was quick to confirm that both victim and perp did not belong to them. Not that they shouldn't, but... whatever. Hopefully they're stepping up as well.

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We need more scissors control.

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Ah man, Vater... I was thinkin' it, but you have more courage than I do. :-) I was also thinkin' that it may be time to round up all the artists, but....

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The whole thing sounds sketchy to me.

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If only the park would have had metal detectors...

Oh, wait...

The only thing that can stop a bad guy with scissors is a good guy with scissors.

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^Or a good guy with a rock....

You still have Zoidberg.... You ALL have Zoidberg! (V) (;,,;) (V)

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Like this?

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Gator, I laughed so hard at that, I actually cried a little. Well done.

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rollergator said:

^Or a good guy with a rock....

Certain victory.

Spock smashes scissors and vaporizes rock.

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Quick, someone get a lizard.

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Oh wow...I just realized where Rush got the inspiration for their fourth studio album.

Gonch can make anything Satanic.

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I totally read that image as "Rush Limbaugh for President - 2112"

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I hope it's okay to re-post this from the GoFundMe page. Don't see why it wouldn't be.


Glenn's family has been celebrating some very good signs. Though he is still quite medicated, he showed some unmistakable responses as Steve asked him questions. Glenn nodded yes when he was asked the following questions:
Do you know you are in the hospital?
Does your head hurt?
Do you know we love you?
When asked to stick out his tongue, he did. And when asked to smile, he made an effort and showed his teeth.

When they asked him to stop fussing with the feeding tube and promised him a giant steak once he's out of the hospital, he nodded AND smiled.

The breathing tube, meantime, has come out and been replaced with a temporary tracheotomy. A bit of pneumonia that had appeared seems under control now, and his blood pressure is better.

We all await news of further improvement, and those of us who know (and have drawn next to) Glenn can't help but expect him to accomplish this, too, at an accelerated pace--but things will happen on their own schedule as Glenn's body and mind gradually resume their tasks. Keep positive thoughts and prayers aimed at Glenn's speech, vision, and other abilities that remain unknown. I know I echo all of you when I say that this latest news makes me really hopeful that, with enough rest and rehab, Glenn might really be able to work his way back to being Glenn. Steve tells me that Glenn's surgeon is overjoyed at his progress but reminded everyone that recovery will be difficult and lengthy.

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And I believe the star has to be upside down, or 2 points up, to be considered satanic.

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