Contestants endure Twister II for chance to win car

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Two people are still testing their limits and their endurance by seeing who can hold out the longest in "Alice Cooper's Coaster Go 'Til You Blow" radio station contest. The two have been riding the Twister II roller coaster at Six Flags Elitch Gardens since 11 a.m. Sunday.

Read more from KMGH/Denver.

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I'd like to do something like this once... Just to say that I did it.
Are you related to Beast Tamer, UBRhino? ;)

I was just thinking it would be one of the last coasters I think I could stand marathoning.

In Twister II's defense, it has gotten much easier to ride in the last couple years. Between the beautiful new 3 bench PTC trains they got a couple years ago and the retracking they have done in the last couple seasons, the ride isn't too rough. It still throws you around a little, but no more than any other wood coaster. Now all they need to do is repaint the ride and it will be looking good.
There's a winner! The new story is in the same link as above.
No...Grizzly is easily the worst I've ever're right. :)

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