Construction photos of Intamin inverter online

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Metro, an Intamin inverted coaster, will open in 2001 at Sarkanniemi Amusement Park in Finland. You can check out construction photos on Lawrie's Carnival and Amusement Park Pages.

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How cool is that?! Can you believe that roll through the station? Amazing! I love Intamin's inverted design, even though the trains are low capacity. Volcano and S:UE were amazing, now when can we have a cool inverted-proper ride like this in the states?

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WOW, That looks WICKED! It just doesn't look right to me to see MF track on an inverted.

Is the first Intamin that is inverted? (suspended, besides S:UE, and going upside down)

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Hey, yo. What's up with this? Why do peoples in other countries get such good stuff? Oh well there's always going to be Talon at Dorney Park I guess.

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Volcano goes upsidedown.
WOW! Now I wish i lived in Denmark :( i never knew INTAMIN could design like this the only good design is MF(That Ive Been On).
K Walker, I bet everyone in all the other countries look at us and say the same thing about us.

But wow, that is one amazing looking coaster, and it's not even that big. The roll through the station DOES look amazing....I'm suprised we don't have a coaster that does something like that here in the US yet.
Rolling through the station is better than any wall climb I know!
All I can say is WOW!! That inversion in the station is awesome!! I wonder when the US will recieve one of this kind? Maybe in a few years. Anyway the rollercoaster is awesome and i am sure evryone will ride it!!!
That IS soooo cool:)Im going to have to go there.
As everyone else has pointed out, the inversion through the station is insane. Where do you people find these pages? Doesn't anyone have a job? Just kidding.
That looks pretty cool. The box track on an inverted looks great.
Man, that is cool!!! Rolling through the tunnels and in and out of the station. Way too cool!

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Intamin is becoming my favorite manufacturer real quick. This is Sweet.

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I feel you on that Intamin is getting more points from me. Will they beat B&M

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I personally already think Intamin is better than B&M simply based on the intensity factor of their rides...Intamins are smooth but not smooth to the point of having it be like watching the coaster at home on your tv like most of the newer B&M's are. Still, we'll have to see if Intamin can keep up the frantic pace of the last couple of years and be in it for the long haul or if they'll fall into complacency like B&M did...and yeah, the inversion through the station is some wicked *g*
That ride looks good. The fact is it is only 83 ft high and goes 47 miles per hour. That is the only downside. The helix looks great though!
That coaster reeks of awesomeness!!!

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Looks like the Coaster Gods at Intamin have struck again. Wow.

I love Intamin's inverted trains (I've been on S:UE and Volcano), and Intamin seems to come up with some amazing designs. I keep hoping that some inverted-less park in the US will go to Intamin for one (Kennywood? :) ).

What is all the hype over this coaster? It only goes 90 ft., aren't Intamins famous for being tall. ooo, it has an inversion through a tunnel. I would much rather see a tall inverted ride and Intamin seems like the manufacturer to do that. This coaster doesn't sound like it is going to break any records. They could make an inverted ride great if they had a hyper-invert coaster.

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