Construction moves along at Kennywood on Phantom's Revenge

Posted | Contributed by GregLeg

I drove by the park yesterday, to see what I could see. I didn't expect a lot different from my guided tour 6 days earlier. What I saw was amazing. They got a lot more supports up.

The final turnaround/helix is basically at ground level. This ride may be relatively short for a "hyper," but it's going to be wild.

I also got a few pictures of the rest of the park, which is getting back into shape for opening day.

Show me the photos!

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That final helix will be FAST! This ride looks to be one breathless masterpiece from start to finish! Can you say sleeper hit?
The ride still looks cool and all, but I really hope that they keep the tunnel. Is it possible they'll still have it this season?
Thanks, Greg, another great update! This thing is looking cooler and everybody pray with me for an early May opening!

BTW, Greg, did you notice any new work on putting the T-bolt back together again?
TBolt is getting back into shape. When I was there on Saturday, I heard a lot of hammering from back in that direction, so I'm guessing they were hard at work on Thunderbolt.

When I was there earlier in the week for the construction tour, there were definitely workers all over Thunderbolt, cutting lumber and assembling the ride. I love the smell of freshly-cut wood, knowing it was for one of my favorite coasters made it even better :)

Not for anything but I can't wait to go SCREAMING through the turn out of the gully. It appears that this turn will be incredible based on it's elevation in comparison to the drop into the gully.
This ride may be short, but think about this. Most hypers slow down a good bit by the time you get to the end. Magnum (from what I heard at the park) drops to almost 40 MPH in areas towards the finish. This could be wrong but do to the lack of size, I do not see this slowing down. Imaging that helix as well as the little bumps at something like 60 MPH. Those little bumps will not be as little as you thought. Looks good though.
Anyone know when the trains are going to arrive?
Should be a terrific ride and an improvement over an already great ride. Boy, they are cutting it close though to opening day.
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If you figure we are going to be at 85 MPH at the bottom of the second drop, and we are gong to be pushed into the high bankd curve at a third the 2nd hill's size, we are in for an intense ride.

This will be very intense people!
go G's!
I like that loop/turn

Rollercoasters are the secret of life!
I agree, PR will be the sleeper hit of the year. I'm extending my Cedar Point trip just to go ride this baby!
Martling, Kennywood has already announced that PR would not be open for opening day. I think they are saying it will open sometime in May. I will be making my first trip to Kennywood in June, I cant wait to ride PR and The Thunderbolt. The pullout after the 2nd drop looks VERY intense.

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