Construction Markings/Stakes at Valleyfair!

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Fun day at the park, but most importantly: markings for 2007 have been spotted.

Over behind the Whitewater Country General Store ther eare two stakes. One has a blue and an orange ribbon on it ans is labeled "TP Spire #61" about forty feet away from it is another with just a blue ribbon "T-14"

About 50 yards from there on top of the grassy knoll on the other side of the path from the landing zone on Hurricane Falls, there were two more. One with orange and blue labled "TP Spire #62" and about the same distance apart another one with just blue labled "T-8". There were also yellow and red spay paint marks on the paths by the General Store and the Red Garter.

On the second time we went past, there was a team of four employees clearing out underbrush that obviously hadnt been trimmed in a few years. Next time we passed about two hours later they were gone.

Other than that, pretty much uneventful. SV was down all day, except for only three trains earound 2:00. Extreme Swing was amazing, totally sound investment...

VF is due for another coaster next year. I hope it a B&M inverted coaster like Raptor or Talon.
Yeah, on RC Pro, they have a forum topic about this. People think that Valleyfair might get a new woodie where Antique Autos is now.
I can only hope. I live in Minnesota, and I really wanna see something thrilling go in at valleyfair due to the fact that it is kinda a boring park.
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I thought about going there this year, but I may wait one more if they do build something for '07.
I am going in a week and I will just have to check this out myself. I really hope VF gets a new coaster, oh please, oh please!:)

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