Construction at the mountain moves forward

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One of the towers for Deja Vu is half way done. There are only a few pieces left in the overflow parking lot, and vertical construction should conclude soon.

Many more pieces for X have arrived. Work continues in the bus parking lot and on the bridge. Several footers have been poured, and most of X's queue has been paved.

Ninja's trains have been refurbished! They have received a new coat of paint and new OTSR. The ride is running much smoother now.

Link: America Coasters Network

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That is sure heavy-duty track! There is a ledger every two feet or so. Say, Arrow could build a regular coaster utilising this track design & put on non-pitching cars i.e a true Floorless.
Looks as if a few slightly curved pieces have arrived.

How long does it take be start construction for X. They don't have any supports up since they started construction in DECEMBER!!!! Lazy!!! Lazy!!!!!!

"Riding High"

The park is not lazy. They will start vertical construction as soon as they are ready. They have a TON of workers who spend hours a day working on site.

People have to remember that "X" isn't your typical coaster, if you've seen the track you know what I'm talking about. It's huge. Perhaps that is the reason that it's taking so long. I'm grasping for straws here, but that could be the reason. Another could be all the wet weather the area was having over the winter. And yet another could be that the company, park, whatever just didn't want to start construction until now. Just my opinion. Peace. :)
My guess would be that the footers just need time to cure.
If anyone here is lazy, its Arrow. But I am not even going to go as far to say that. All good things take time.
I do not think that it can be blamed on either of them. We do not know what is actually going on. If you ask me, the track could be rather hard to build. That is just a possibility to why it could be taking so long. Either way, Arrow is not known to be massively late on anything they build for a park so lets hope that they get it done soon.
Stealth... when you know how to design a coaster, build the track, prepare the site, and errect the coaster, then you can call someone lazy. Until then...
People, people. Nobody on this site knows what the time schedule is like for X. For all we know, X may be AHEAD of schedule. We just don't know.

Don't touch the watch.
Remember that SFMM is in California the land of the "QUAKE". So ground work takes a lot longer. Trust me the ride itself will go up quick just like Deja Vu.
One like this has never been built. It's not going to go up like a Boomerang.
I work for a major newspaper and I came accross 3 photos from AP on Arrow and X. They posted a photo where employees were still welding track for X and this was at the end of last month. I'm pretty sure that the delay is either lack of parts or the inspections that need to be done for the footers.
No Lapbar, No Seatbelt, No Problem!
I heard rumour on the net that X was going to be a flying coaster instead because they were having trouble spinning the massive cars around the track. Is it True?

"Enough is Enough"
They can make then work on the demo track. This rumor is complete BS I don't believe it for one second!!!!
magic mountain and CP rule
Do you honestly think they would make it a flying coaster? I shouldn't have to answer that question.

Why aren't the forums (execpt for the news forums) not working?

What is life with out coasters, geniuses, and/or SFA
I was at SFMM on friday and Deja Vu is HUGE! We parked in the VERY back of the parking lot and I saw TONS of X Track. It looks sooooo cool. They had a ton of stuff going on around the site for X and a lot of footers are done. It won't be a flying coaster. That's for sure. Deja Vu was practically done. If you go to the Sky Tower and look at the lot you can see a lot of the track and you can see a lot of Deja Vu. and lastly, does anyone know if Six Flags has a CD with the techno stuff they have for RR, X, and Deja Vu? Bye.
There is NO WAY X is going to be floorless. I've seen the prototype vehicle. (Its sitting outside the back door of the Arrow fab shop) and I know its going to work! Across the street there are twenty to thirty pieces of track waiting for paint or inspection or something. It is awesome to see the helix in some of these pieces!

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