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Finally able to make the 3-hour trip to Conneaut Lake Park and it was well-worth it. Got to the park around 12, to find more cars in the parking lot than I expected, which is good news. The entrance area outside the park is so beautiful and classy. Paid for an all-day ride admission.

The rides:

Blue Streak-what it lacks in paint, it makes up for in thrills. Now my favorite wooden coaster, rode this ride about 15 times. Front seat is really awesome and the first drop is awesome.

Devil's Den-Rode this once. Nice ride, except for the famous 'gum wall.'

Roll-o-Plane-saddens me that Kennywood took their's out. I love these rides. Rode this about 8 or 9 times.

Carousel-I have never seen a Carousel so well maintained as this one. I couldn't find a single burnt out bulb and the horses looked fresh and new.

Ultimate Trip-Don't like this ride for some reason but I don't.

Flyers/Scooters-Major disappointment plus the ride operator gave too long of a ride.

Train-very cool. I have never rode a train before with a cross-over.

Bumper Cars-very smooth and fast. My favorite bumper car ride anywhere.

Other notes:

The lady in the gift shop, who also is a volunteer helping the park raised money, said that the Tumble Bug is in need of $18-20,000 in repairs and the Toboggan needs $10-12,000 in electrical work.

The Musik Express, without its cars, was being worked on by the park yesterday. The center was running. The guy on Blue Streak told us that the ride recieved the part it needed that day and Musik Express, Yo-Yo, and Toboggan are expected to be in operation by the end of this month.

All the ride operators were nice, I didn't really expect that.

Rain was a factor throughout the day. On and off light and heavy showers. The cold was what bothered me a bit.


bathrooms are a definate item that needs improvement. Never been in bathrooms that had such a nasty smell and cobwebs.

We left the park around 7:40. It was a great experience and chance to visit Conneaut. I'd like to visit again later this year but if not, I'll wait 'til next.:)

Glad to hear you had a good time. A lot of people don't seem to "get" Conneaut but I really love the place. It seems a lot of the locals really have a interest in the place as well.

You didn't miss much with the Musik Express being down. It's a pretty awful ride!

Did you take a walk along the boardwalk and visit Hotel Conneaut?

I walked along the boardwalk and went in the dining room of Hotel Conneaut but that's all.

Oh, I forgot to mention I think the tunnel beginning on Blue Streak is the best I've seen on any coaster.

I love Conneaut. i leave in Cleveland ohio and always manage to get their at least 3 times a year. we usually hit the campgrounds across the street... tent campings cheap.
best time to ride the Scooters is when it's windy... if your timings good, you can get 'em to Snap pretty good...
haven't been there this year yet. do they still have the Round up?
Err..the Round Up needs more padding for the back of your head if you ask me.

It was really windy when I rode the Scooters, but I'm just a beginner on getting them to snap.

Glad you had a good time at Conneaut. I've been there twice myself, so far this year. I plan on at least one more trip back too. Question.....Did the Blue Streak still have only three cars running on the train (12 seats)?

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Yea, it did.

I've been there more times than i can count.
The blue streak's okay w/the wooden trains, but those NADs kicked... the back seat was brutal...
I hope for the best w/ Conneaut... it reminds me of Euclid Beach.. i was 7 when that clsd, but i remember it well...

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