Conneaut train mystery

Monday, August 5, 2002 2:26 PM
I am going to post this open question to for the world to answer. The Blue Streak opened with 2 PTC trains, a red one and Blue one. For years the Blue one was stored in the transfer track tunnel. Now the blue was was seen in the park's workshop and the red one has reappeared near the park's convention center. Someone on RRC also reports seeing a third train similar to the one on Kennywood's Jackrabbit. Also, according to maintenance reports, in 1966, Conneaut bought 2 NAD trains for the Blue Streak. That leaves a total of 5 trains at Conneaut. These are my questions:
1. Where was the red PTC all this time?
2. What happened to the second NAD train?
3. Where does the mysterious Jackrabbit like train come into play? Could it be the train (or one of the trains) from the Idora Park Jackrabbit purchased during Carl Severino Jr.'s management of the park when there were plans to move the Idora sisters?
4. What is the fate of all these trains?

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