Conneaut Lake Pumpkin Fest?

Sorry if this has come up already, I've been on the road and haven't read the boards for awhile. I am in the general OH/PA/VA area and am considering visiting a small, traditional park this Friday before hitting King's Dominion Saturday and Sunday.

I was leaning towards Camden but just saw on the Conneaut Lake website that Conneaut is doing a "Pumpkin Festival" for just this one weekend only. I immediately tried contacting them, at around 4 PM ET, but could not reach anyone to get more information about this event.

My question, if anyone has experience with this event is, is it a typical Halloween event with the rides open? My biggest interest, of course, is the woodie.

Ed Vettel, who designed the Blue Streak, designed the defunct Pontchartrain Beach Zephyr, my first ever large woodie, so it would be awesome to get to ride another one of his rides.

Of course, part of the appeal of Camden is that their Little Dipper is an exact clone of the defunct Pontchartrain Beach Zephyr Jr., which was my first EVER woodie.

But my gut feeling tells me that the Blue Streak at Conneaut would be more thrilling than either Camden woodie.

EDIT- Sorry to answer my own question, it looks like the rides will be open, after puttering around on their site some more I found a link on the site that I couldn't get to open for some reason when I was accessing their site from a different library. *** Edited 10/12/2006 10:49:13 PM UTC by Frontrider***

Blue Streak is a lot more thrilling than the Camden woodies. I've never been to Conneaut for Pumpkin Fest but generally speaking, I love Conneaut. It has a really cool "vibe" about it, probably because it is so weird the way it is integrated into the community. I also find the old lake resort atmosphere really compelling.

I like Camden a lot too. Both parks have some interesting older rides and, interestingly, Camden and Conneaut have nearly identical dark rides--the only two Pretzel gravity-powered darkrides in existence.

The price for a ride pass at Conneaut looks really cheap. Keep in mind that the haunted train ride is a seperate fee.

Also remember that Erieview's Frightzone darkride will probably be operating at Conneaut next year so that may be a reason to put off a visit their until next year.

The Pumkin Festival is new for Conneaut Lake Park. They always ended their season on Labor Day.

There is also a new ACE event on Saturday called Blue Streak Shriek held by the Western PA ACE Region. It includes ERT after 10PM.

They've been running the Pumkin Fest for a few years now with some success. The big differance this year is they're running the rides.
I've never been to it, but i've heard it's nice.

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The Pumpkin fest has been going on for quite a few years. In years past, it was independent of the park. The last couple of years, they integrated most of the rides, including the Blue Streak.

The festival itself is very nice and consists of a lot of food vendors, arts and crafts vendors, etc. spread throughout the park. There are a bunch of other events like a pie eating contest, a parade (in town, not the park), a beauty contest, etc.

A very nice event. Unfortunately no Indian Summer weather for it this year. Dress appropriately if you are going and have fun.

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Blue Streak is a great ride.

I am also a fan of the Conneaut Lake "vibe" It is literally intertwined into the residential roads that surround it. Such a classic park. The main midway looks great with all the old buildings. The Hotel Conneaut is also great. A very very old building, lots of history.

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