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Since I was in the area that day, I decided a stop at CLP would be interesting. It was only $5 ride-a-rama so I couldn't resist. Upon entry, I noticed the park did have the decency to warn me that they are in the process of upgrading. In other words, excuse the mess. The enterance area looked to be in pretty good shape. The Flying Scooters, Paratrooper, Tilt-A-Whirl, and Sky Diver looked for the most part freshly painted and in good working order.

However, the good first impressions didn't last long. I turned the corner to find a midway marked with carnival trailors selling scary looking foods and cheesy carnival games. Then to the right there was a pathway to nowhere, and to the left I found the Devil's Den, Witch's Stew, Trabant, and Kiddleland in which all of the rides in the area were running except the coaster. I later continued down the midway where I found myself surrounded by boarded buildings, a big open foundation to the Dreamland Ballroom, a closed Toboggan, and a Roundup that had only a lifting arm, and and a loading platform.

I managed in very limited time to ride the Devil's Den, Sky Diver, and Flying Scooters. Everything else seeemed unappealing or something I could ride at home at Waldameer. The only ride worth mentioning was the Sky Diver. This was my first Skydiver, and this ride kicked a**. I absolutely loved controlling the spinning.

In regards to the Blue Streak, it haunted me the entire time. The coaster didn't look much worse than it did in working condition, but there were no signs of progress in making the necessary repairs for reopening. Sad.

Overall, the park in general looks more like a carnival than ever. Besides the few rides in front, the park looks awful. The carnival like food and games look disgusting, and they should just rope off the sections of midway with nothing operating. I really apreciate the effort to revive CLP, but they have a long way to go. Also, I would only go on Fridays right now if you are interested because it's $5 with free parking instead of $20 with a parking fee.

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Thanks for the info...
The plan as far as I have heard on clpjunction is to have the Blue Streak running in 2010...

Thats my favorite coaster, so I'm really hoping it happens... although I miss the NAD trains

If you like NAD trains, ride the Thunderbolt at Kennywood.

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Just be happy the place is open at all. Hopefully they bring in some cash to finish cleaning the place up and can sustain it for more than just a tease of a season. I want to ride the Blue Streak again and I still need to experience the Devil's Den. :)

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Not to mention, the CLP you're describing doesn't sound all that far off from the CLP before the closure. I'm working on getting back up there as soon as I can, but have been strapped for time lately.

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