Conneaut Lake Park Updates

Hey all heres some updates from CLP. I arrived late saturday and got there just before lunch. I was shocked to see the Ferris wheel missing from the front gate. It was all gone and work was going on at the Flying Scooter.

I got to lunch to see a huge turn out. we had 75 people at the event a record number. We were treated to some lunch and Greg Sutterlin made an Appearance he told us about the work going on in the park. He also said the Hotel will add a Heated Pool and may add a Hot Tub if one fits.

After Lunch I had to work for my Free Room at the Hotel Conneaut so I did some work in the Beach Club cleaning the Kitchen and Sweeping. After I took a walk through the park and cleaned here and there. Liskos crew was working on the Flying Scooter and the Tilt A whirl inspecting and painting the rides. I talked with them for a bit than I meant with the "Blue Streak Guys" at the convention center I found out there from the park head of Maintmence that they are bringing in a new 60 foot ferris wheel to replace the old one and the old one.

After that I got my room at the Hotel Conneaut and tried to crash for the night well 10 pm I heard a crowd come through it was a ghost tour going on. I could not sleep so I joined along. We went all around the hotel and I saw several things. I also scared the whole group by flicking the lights in one of the halls. I miss scaring people for a living. We did a Spirit summon in one room and had some weird activity such as it felt like someone grabbed my arm. After our tour guide spit we did some looking around I found out one in the group was a worker at Kennywood and another was my Mailman . We spend 30 mins looking around before we crashed. Could not sleep because My room was very creepy and I was startled when my door handle rattled.

The next morning I woke and went to the meeting. We all waited for Betty or Volunteer Coordinator very nice before splitting off. I went and helped the Blue Streak guys clean under the Blue Streak of Leaves and trash. We were told inspectors were coming in and to make it look nice. So we cleaned all that up. Than cleaned the Midway before I had to take off. Over all it was a fun two days and it was nice seeing old friends. If you have not been to a clean weekend I suggest going to one it is very fun and you will make new friends all with the same goal of making the park look nice. We have one next weekend so come out its fun.

Quick run down

The old Eli Bridge ferris wheel has been removed and will be replaced with a new 60 foot wheel.

Kiddieland rides are quickly being worked on and reassembled.

The Flying Scooter has received a new coat of paint and the Tilt A Whirl is getting some love.

Lisko will bring in 2 adult rides besides the wheel and some kiddierides.

Also soon the Hotel Conneaut will add a heated pool.

The train may also be run in the opposite Direction.

The Water park will also be open this summer

The Blue Streak was inspected.

Encouraging developments. Sounds like they're not only serious about this, but are actively making improvements and bringing new attractions in in the present tense. Can't wait to bring my daughter for her first visit this year.

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Great to hear! I wonder what kind of Ferris wheel will replace the Eli? perhaps another Eli?

Well, you know the old saying: an Eli for an Eli . . .

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Why are they inspecting the coaster?

I thought it was not going to open back up till next year.

what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard.
Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it.
I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

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The inspection is most likely to form a plan as to what needs to be done to get it up and running.

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Very excited to here this. I myself have never been to CLP, but plan on doing so later this year possibly.

It is strange that the coaster will be inspected but not reopened. Wouldn't it make sense to inspect it only when it's about to reopen?

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Final Acceptance Inspections aren't the only types of inspections. We don't even know who performed the inspection. It could have been a contractor. You don't just send guys out to a job to start working on something without first knowing what needs to be done.

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I wish (probably to no avail) that a permanent park would get a hold of my longtime favorite flat, the Zipper...probably never see that happen, as they are no longer made new....

I always thought a place like Connie, DelGrosso's, or Lakemont would be ideal.

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Great idea! It would be perfect for a smaller park, but capacity would make it a bad idea for a large park.


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They are getting a skydiver in place of the ferris wheel. A picture of it was in the Erie newspaper. Might as well add a zipper while they are at it. (hint,hint)

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