Conneaut Lake Park open, Blue Streak still being refurbished

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The Blue Streak, which dates from the 1938 season, had more than 150 feet of track rebuilt during the last few weeks. Crews still were putting on the steel rails for the first hill drop of the Blue Streak on Saturday. The Blue Streak remain idle today as it will have to be safety tested once the last of the rails are in place.

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Don't get me wrong, I am happy they have found a way to open and never wish anything but success for a park. But, is it still a too little too late scenario? They keep touting that the waterpark has reopened, but I believe the only thing open is the lazy river. There was also a slide complex with two body slides I recall being there, but as far as I know it has not reopened. With a pretty decent waterpark 45 minutes north at Waldameer, I just can't see a lazy river packing them in, especially if the ride park is in the same shape it was when I had a quick 30 minute visit in August 2014.

I have some good memories of late night rides on Blue Streak during college back in the mid-2000s prior to the fires and few years the park was closed. And I'm glad to see it looks like some locals went out there this weekend. But the place just has a depressing vibe to it now, and I'm not sure some new track on Blue Streak and the lazy river reopening is enough to bring people back, especially given the constant and serious financial trouble the place is always in.

They are hoping to have the slides open in August.

^ Now THAT is too little, too late. 2/3 of your operating season is gone at that point.

But then again, what do I know?

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Especially since most schools in Western PA/Northeast OH start back up about last week in August.

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Tell that to Six Flags, ShaneDenmark. LOL

This park never really excited me. They have a lot of problems to solve, and they never seem to solve them.

ShaneDenmark said:

^ Now THAT is too little, too late. 2/3 of your operating season is gone at that point.

I agree, just saying what I've heard. I believe they are charging $5 for a day pass right now for the "water park". As more opens, the price will increase.

I can honestly say I would not even spend $5 for that lazy river, even if they have cleaned it up. I honestly don't see how the place continues to operate. When I was there two years ago, there were less than 15 other guests in the park on a beautiful summer evening.

I think he means the entire park...

Poor Conneaut.
(Seems to be a theme this week)

I happened to be there during Pumpkin Fest last October, and the park was mobbed. Seriously, the Blue Streak queue was nearly full. Also, as I was leaving, there was an enormous line to get in to Ghost Lake. Based on my anecdotal experience, it seems like the park is deserted on normal days, but special events are still able to pull in big crowds.

When my son and I went to Cedar Point last October I noticed signs for Conneaut (the town) but not a single sign for Conneaut Lake (the park) along I-90. I found that odd.

But then again, what do I know?

You were seeing signs for Conneaut, OH which is right off I-90. Conneaut Lake is in Conneaut Lake, PA which is next to Meadville, PA and not near I-90.

Well that would explain it then. I stand corrected.

But then again, what do I know?

Blue Streak is now open.

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I thought this place was bankrupt. The supporting argument for that is: "why would anyone go there to begin with?" The wooden coaster they have should be bought up and rebuilt by some other park that actually has guests, and the rest of the crap should be sold to traveling fairs. I'm not much for nostalgia, if you haven't guessed that.

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I'm with bjames.

Conneaut was part of ACE's 2010 Coaster Con. I was underwhelmed. At the request of my traveling companion, we stayed at the hotel. At the time, there was no air conditioning and the windows could not be opened.

I admire the people who have such faith in the park, but sometimes, you just have to let go of the past....

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Any chance of the beach club ever being rebuilt?When I went there in 2011 it was surprisingly busy (and this was in mid-August).

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