Conneaut Lake Park improves accounting

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Troubled Pennsylvania amusement park Conneaut Lake will assess its monetary situation, and expects to open in 2006 without borrowing additional funds. The park is about $2.9 million in debt.

Read more from AP via KDKA/Pittsburgh.

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Hope this is a start of a string of good news for the park! Here is to hoping they find the budgetary means to fix some of the rides that need to be fixed too. I absolutely fell in love with this park when I went there. It may not be the prettiest park, but it sure has some old time charm and character.
The recent Holiday in the Park event was very crowded when I attended last week. I believe the new GM was on hand as well.
I'm glad that they finally found somebody who, at least so far, seems to know what he's doing. Conneaut is a true "jewel in the rough" and has unfortunately been beaten down by corruption and inept mangement. It's a wonderful place that deserves better and is one of my favorite amusement parks.
I do not think the park is worth saving at all. Most of the rides are closed due to lack of funds, and yet they open year after year with less and less rides open. I do not think history alone is a good enough reason to keep it open. What do people find so good in this park?

Just my opinion :)

In short, it is the absolute polar opposite of the high energy, hyper-active, over-commercialized, hyped up, and expensive theme park. It's the anti-Six/Disney/Paramount/Universal/Fair and, in my book, that's a good thing.
Maybe Conneaut should put in an Xbox village, and increase partnerships with corporations to raise brand name visibility. And say words like interface, network and paradigm a lot. That should get a couple million through the gate.

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