Conneaut Lake Park hosting Christmas displays

Billed as a Holiday of Lights, it includes over 100 light displays and a Christmas-themed lobby of the Hotel Conneaut. Check it out:

I gotta say, the trustees are certainly doing what they can to keep the park kicking. But will it lead to a rebirth or is it merely a prolonged death rattle? I hope the former. It's such a nice little park. And Blue Streak is a great ride.

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Thanks for the news. I will check it out.

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It sounds like they're doing what they can to generate interest in the park. Good for them. Hopefully they can turn this momentum into a bright future for the park, rides included.

Thanks for posting this. I missed the Hallowe'en event but I wont miss this one.

Thanks for posting this.

I'm going to try and attend this. I missed the pumpkin fest.

Considering the Zoo (cleveland) doesn't do the holiday lights anymore, conneaut would be a nice alternative.

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Yeah, I didn't get a chance to get over for the Halloween event either. Since I'm one of the ones talking about how much I support these old parks and want to seem them survive, I should put my money where my mouth is and head over there.

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How about we make a deal, Mike? You give me your money, or I'll put my fist where your mouth is?

Oh, how about those Christmas lights? I might have to sneak away from the dogs with the wife and go check these out this year. :) I <3 CLP.

Josh, you can have all my money, just stop sneezing on me! (^)

*Now we'll see how far $1.23 will get him. Hey wait, that's like three shares of Six Flags! Hell, that's like one share of GM! Give me my money back!

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Seems like Conneaut Lake Park does everything lately...

...except operate as an amusement park. ;)

^ I guess that's what they mean by diversification.

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How many times must I remind you. That is not sneezing. That's Beverly face (tm). Beverly face (tm) which I am happy to report will be receiving an updated picture in February. :-D

Sorry, it's a running gag now. You're stuck with it. :)

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