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This park is a must, I'll be honest with you, I live about half way between CLP and Cedar Point and have season passes to the point, but I'll be honest I had more fun here than I've had at the point of other parks in years. I went with mu girlfriend and we took my mother, she loves the tumble bug but unfortuatly the ride was broke, and who knows if it will actually be fixed, CLP has money problems and I have heard they haven't been having a good year at all. But all in all for me the park has a sweet laugh in the dark ride, they have a scrambler thats in doors with strobe and black lights, but there cd player was broke so they played a country station which sux but oh well, and they you have the Blue Streak, the park was rather empty and I rode that coaster 7 or 8 times, 3 when I first got there than right before they closed I got in a quick 4 or 5 rides due to a virtually nonexistent line. The Blue Streak is my favorite coaster, its a short outt and back, with a shallow track design that only has wheel on the side and top with plated undernieth, The only problem is the park is in such bad financial shape , who knows how much longer the park will be there. I got some pics but i forgot to charge my batteries so the camera kept dying on me. I'll be honest if the parks goes under someone should by the blue streak and just operate that, its worth the drive by itself. So is the tumble bug if it gets fixed, its one of three said to be currently operating, other 2 are at Kennywood and Black Pool, Also does anyone know when they got rid of the Whip? Was it sold or just dismantled due to poor shape? The Whip was a good old school flat ride.

Heres some recent Conneaut Lake Pics, I was gonna just sned them to Coaster Buzz my either my computer is slow or my ISP is slow,, dont know,

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Yep will still have our Turtle:)

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I love Blue Streak, its an awesome, but rough, woodie. The roughness going down the third hill (on the old NAD trains, not the new refurbished trains which i haven't ridden in yet) was almost unbarable, but i loved it. Blue Streak is one of the best woodies I have ridden.

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I'm so glad to hear someone else say they went to an old traditional park and had a great time that rivaled Cedar Point. I also live between the two parks and prefer the Conneaut Blue Streak over the one in Sandusky. I go to parks to relieve stress and relax which is almost impossible anymore at the larger corporate theme parks. I find myself getting more agrivated and stressed when I go to CP and the larger theme parks because of high parking/admission prices, unbearable crowds/lines, rediculus food/drink prices, and poor running/over-braked wooden coasters. I've been to Conneaut Lake twice this year and plan on going back a couple of more times at least. The old Vettle style trains run perfectly on that coaster, and the ride is still full of air in the back. Conneaut Lake Park will live forever if I have anything to do with it. There are enough people going to Sandusky every year. We need to focus on the smaller parks and support them too. Come on people, there is life outside of corporate America.

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Did anyone notice how the DuckPond really sucks now? They changed the rules, were you pretty much pay for a prize, it blows. Oh, and I bet it wont open next year... Ill say a 10% chance if that. The park is down 25% on attendence and is not making much money at all.. They bearly opened this year, next year I Doubt massivly. But who knows, maybe.

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I was also at the park in June. It was our first visit and our first stop on our Coaster Con trip. All I can say is that this park set the bar very high for others to reach on our trip. It is truly an amazing park. The friendliness and customer service were every bit as good as Holiday World.

We stopped to eat at Steak on the Lake but I left my wallet in the car so I was going to walk back and get it before we ate, but the manager, Mike I think, wouldn't let me walk all the way back to the front and went and got a golf cart to give me a ride. Just fantstic.

On the ride he also said that the reason that the tumble bug and the yo yo are down is because they are being completely rebuilt, not just patched. He also said they were going to renovate the hotel.

I just can't say enough about this park. If anyone gets the chance to go there, don't pass it up.I think we are going to try and spend the weekend there in the hotel before the end of summer.

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Ah yes.. the park I've grown up at. It is a really small park, but has such a charm that makes me want to go back all of the time! I could ride the Blue Streak for hours on end and not get bored.. The change in trains was so good for the coaster, and for the park.. I'm happy that I have such a great place (and a great coaster!) only 45 minutes away from me.

I hope you rode the Devil's Den and encountered the *tunnel of gum* at the top of the lift hill. Most of the effects are working this year, which surprised me.. there were a lot of twists and turns that were completely dark last year...

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Glad you had at good time at one of my alltime favorite parks. Haven't been there in 3 years, but I still love it. Devils Den with its "Great Gum Wall" is one of alltime favorite classic dark rides. Might go this summer if i have the time, because this might be its last season.
The Devils Den that was technically my first coaster if you call it a coasters, Im glad that returned the name back to just the "Devils Den" the last few years I believe it had a tacky name, me and my little brother would ride that ride over and over all day long as well as the bug, thats moms all time favorite ride ever, she got the love for that ride back at Euclid Beach, Lets just put it this way for the rest of the year I plan on hitting cedar point once a week and Conneaut lake atleast once a week if not more, I live about halfway between the two parks, about an hr from CP and an hr from CLP, but the sad part is Im about 15 min - half hr from SF WOA, which I am going to once (my GF has free tix and a free aprking pass from her job so thats the only reason for the trip) I have to ride the Big Dipper and Villan. But as for CLP I wish, theyd could keep the Blue Streak open at night, id pay good money to just ride that ride over and over again in the dark. With the operating hours now you can only get a few good rides in before they close at 10 on saturdays. But I grew up at CLP and CP and have to hit up those parks time and time again all year, especially CLP mainly because that park could close anyday for good, from what I've read and heard. I just hope CLP never closes When I have kids I want them to experience and park like that, the Mega parks are a dime a dozen
I can't access the website (cannot find server; go figure) , but does anyone know what days their open and the hours. Are they closed every Monday and open Tuesday thru Sunday, or something like that? thanks.
Conneaut is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. Park is open Wed./Thurs. noon - 8pm, Friday noon - 9pm, Saturday noon - 10pm, and Sunday noon - 9pm.


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A good way to ride devils den is to push along the walls as you go.. The Ops look at you like your crazy when you fly out the doors!

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The Whip has been gone for a few years now I think.

Please visit the small parks. We don't know what's happening behind the scenes

The ride ops sometimes look at you crazy when you ride the Blue Streak and Devils Den over and over and over and over again, some of them don't realize what they have.
The ride ops look at you crazy when you ride ANYTHING. I was getting enough goofy looks just running around the park shooting video.

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Yeah I know I just took my small digital camera, cuz it fits in my pocket easier than my 35mm slr, the zoom really sux but over all the cam is decent, but yeah I guess most of them, the youner ones are locals that live in the hills, and don't realize what these rides mean to people especially the Tumble Bug and Blue Steak. That probably also explains the majority of the people at the park ,,that are extremely wierd also,
I'm sure that they know what the park means to some people. If it weren't for someone's love of the park, Conneaut never would have gotten a loan and would have remained closed this year.

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Any amusment park that has a wooden rollercoaster, dark ride, tumble bug, flying scooters, paratrooper, indoor scrambler, ferris wheel, tilt-a-whirl, dodgems, a train, lake, hotel and tavern, free parking, oh yeah - and plenty of shade, is alright with me.

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I honestly only know of 2 people who said they didn't have fun at CLP, thats my girlfriends mother and stepfather, and I know why they didn't have fun, they are the type of people who think there better than everyone else and they have a huge stick up their A$$, yeah about the size of the power tower. But other than that I don't personally know anyone thats hates it there.
That wasn't another dig at a certain park in Ohio was it? A stick the size of Power Tower shoved up somebody's A$$? My my - that sounds pretty painful. No wonder they can't think or see clearly.

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