Conneaut Lake Park 5/30/05

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Rob and I left Pittsburgh about 10am after eating the continental breakfast at the HW express.

After a whole lot lest troubl getting into the KW area we were on I-79 north for a hour and thirty minute trip from Pittsburgh to Conneaut Lake

We had visited Conneaut Last year but found a park that was half closed. We also didn't get to ride Blue Streak (Not open yet for last minute trackwork) or The Indoor Scrambler (due to breakdown while waiting) We did enjoy it then and decided to make a return to both get our credits and because the atmosphere is laid back and beautiful.

After a uneventful trip we arrived about noon, Tina and Bill were supposed to be there but we didn't know weather they were doing Waldameer first or last and after getting a Blue Streak Ride and Flyer ride in, We spotted Tina and Bill in Kiddie land beating up Grandma (Buttering her up) To get the Kiddie Coaster credit. Well they got their credit. (I just count it as ridden) and we got a interview with Grandma about the park that was really enjoyable.

Bill then went back and was chasing ponys. After his chasing ducks around at Geauga, Im starting to wonder about him J/K Bill.

Bill and Tina decided to go get the Ghost tour of the Conneaut Hotel, At this time I noticed Rideman had arrived and we proceeded to check out the Super Roundup and admire a few classic automobiles on the premisis. A 59 Corvete Convertible and a 62 Impala. While Tina and Bill were walking back towards us I think Tina seen the Vette and wants one of her own :) (Q the Prince song here)

Dave admitted and I agreed that the vehicles looked right at home at Conneaut. I also seen a few others like a 55 Bel Aire a bunch of classic Harleys and Well it was just relaxed, just as I had remembered it from last year.

It was too cold to swim at the beach and the waterslides had not been open yet but while Bill and Tina were over at the Conneaut Hotel, Rob and I decided to sample THE ORIGINAL PARK FRIES!

After visiting KP the day before, I can honestly say that while THE ORIGINAL Frys are good, Potato Patch wins and I had far exceeded my alotment of fried food and carbs for the weekend LOL It's a park, your supposed to enjoy it right? I did!

Ya know, Being hundreds of miles from home and at a park you haven't ridden everything, You should be in a rush right? WRONG! The 5 of us then proceeded to take Roll O Plane rides, Dodgem Rides, Flyer Rides (Which Rob had one incredible snapping ride) I now believe Patripmans story of taking down the wires by his son. The two polls are there but the wires aren't :)

Back To the Blue streak and a Carousel ride where Grandpa was running it and enjoying himself doing so. Ringing the bell with the song ect.

Blue Streak, Vettel Woodie with Vettel restored train. (NAD train in the shed) Well I wanted to ride this last year but late aproval and last minute finding of work needed delayed it till late june and we didn't get to ride. We took several rides on Blue streak and I only got one backseat ride which did give airtime but not much.

This has to be the second scariest coaster I've ridden next to Williams Grove. Unlike Williams Grove though, The Vettel trains absorb the shock of rough track. I mean the thing doesn't look unsound or anythng but if they could ever afford a full retracking by GCI or someone this coaster would be top tier like in Screechin Eagle. Drops are steep and all the way to the ground but I think the Vettel trains are much lighter than the NAD's they rean on it for years. Im told the Airtime in the NADs was extreme and brutal.

I just gotta admire those Blue Streak Challengers that have and can ride it 170 times in a day. After about 6 rides we'd take a break.

Several rides were closed and several were open. We still didn't get our indoor scrambler ride and probably never will. (Roof collaps from winter snows)

Still all in all, We had a great time, Relaxed and rode many things we like like the Dogems, Coaster, Flyers, Pretzel and even watched some kareokee and a little 5 year old singing Elvis' Teddy Bear.

We all headed for the main entrance and took a couple more flyer rides and then Bill and Tina were off for Waldameer and the rest of their trip. Me and Rob decided to ride the flyers four more times one getting footage of the other and while this was going on and I was filming outside the ride. I witnessed and filmed the most aweful fight I ever seen in a park. Yes, Some kid and his dad were beating the crap out of each other with these Airfilled Hammers! Why can't we all get along?

It was a great day at Conneaut, We got the bowling team together (Watch out Rev) on the Real Skee Ball Machines. (Not imitations like them new fangled ones with the hundred point holes)

It was 4:30 and we had a six hour drive home ahead of us so we called it a day. Our 6hr trip home became 8hrs after the Big Dummy (Me) had decided that after forgetting the directions home at home didn't bother getting another set from someon and didn't even get a map. I just kept driving till I found I-80 LOL.

Chuck, who hopes you enjoyed this almost two week late TR. I enjoyed taking it and all the friends we spent time with as well as three great traditional type parks.

Charles Nungester said:

I just gotta admire those Blue Streak Challengers that have and can ride it 170 times in a day. After about 6 rides we'd take a break.

Some actually did close to 300. My best is about 250 and I'm not sure how it did it!

I was there opening weekend as well. I thought the Blue Streak was running very slow compared to what it normally does. It seemed liked they added some "friction chain" things (forgive my lack of what these things are called) at the top of the 2nd and 3rd hills that I don't remember being there before. As a result, the train was slowed down significantly into the turnaround which kills the effect of the whip type cut back after the turn around.

The ride in the back is definitely rougher, but the very front seat is the best if you are lucky enough to get it.

Blue Streak Marathon Rider 2003 and 2004 KW Gor_y Park Team Member
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Did you get a Taboggan ride or was it down?

What was the status of the Yo Yo? Or Bug? Both were disassembled last time I was there (Labor day weekend)

All three are still down. I hear YoYo has been repaired and will be shipped back to the park once the bill has been paid. The Bug needs to have parts fabricated which I understand is being done by a volunteer who is doing it in their free time.

Blue Streak Marathon Rider 2003 and 2004 KW Gor_y Park Team Member
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jp...Toboggan, not running, ditto for Yo Yo and Bug.

Our *gut instinct* tells us that the end of the legal wrangling should mean extra money for everything that ISN'T lawyers' fees. ;)

SpecialEd: The "friction chain things" you're referring to...I think those are anti-rollbacks, in case the train doesn't have enough speed to climb over the upcoming hill.

Thanks for the TR Chuck, I really *am* getting a break by having everyone else write my TRs...:) If you only knew some of the stories involving me and animals...I'm sure Tina will fill you in on "the goat" at WA. For the footage from Miami MetroZoo, you need to be 17 or watch with a responsible adult. ROFL!

This was my first visit to Conneaut, won't be my last. LOVED the place...even got my picture with Grandma...she RULES my world! Sorry Grandpa....;)

The Pretzel was *awesome*, very happy I got a second lap on that thing...:)

bill, obviously needs more flyers' practice....IB or Carowinds' has to come before PPP this year...;)

I wonder if Grandma will be as nice to me and let me get a lap on Lil Dipper with Jordan this weekend.;)
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Theoretically, Lori, adults cannot ride even WITH kids. Grandma just recognized me as "big for my (mental) age"....;)
Oh I know Bill. Trust me, I've tried before but Grandma wasn't running it at the time.
I visited last year and I loved this park. It is an unusual place. I like how the park and surrounding neighborhood sort of seemlessly merge with no boundaries.

I tried to ride the kiddie coaster last year. There was a boy operating it and he said big people can't ride it. The boardwalk that runs along the lake is nice.

I thought the Blue Streak was fun, a little rough. I was good for about 10 rides for the day. I'm anxious to return.

My band "The Cedar Kings". "Ordinary Day" a trip report in song.

Lori, Grandma is in charge of the childrens area and is usually near the ticket both or operating the kiddie Ferris wheel.

Shes only concerned with your safety. All I can say is ask her.


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Grandma was THEE best grandma in the world! And yes, I think she REALLY thought Bill was a kid, mentally that is. I was just along for the ride. ;-)

Kudos to Grandma and Conneaut Lake!


<----who didn't know what the hell she was doing but managed to SNAP on the flyers anyway.

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