Conneaut Lake Park 3/6/01

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Wednesday, March 7, 2001 3:27 PM
Spent a snow filled day visiting with some former co-workers. Actually among the frozen lake and snow covered boardwalk, there is activity. They are repainting the park in 'happy' colors. Also they are adding a 'Himalaya' type ride across from the Blue Streak station. The Flying Scooters are being relocated to the front gate area, next to the Paratroopers.

Its kind of a haunting place to walk on the front lawn of the Hotel Conneaut, and not hear a sound, except for ducks and geese on the beach. The place is so serene and peaceful, it is unbelievable.

This was my favorite park to work in, and I hope everyone has a chance to visit this place. Its ever so hard to find a park with a hotel inside the park gates, live pony rides, and a marina. With a small waterpark, a beach, a giant kiddyland, camping, and classic rides, including the entirely rehabed 'Devil's Den' dark ride, this is one great park to visit with or without families.

After several years of dark clouds, those days are behind, and the magnificent ballroom and beach club will be full all summer. This place has been timeless since 1892. What a Pennsylvania treasure.......
Thursday, March 15, 2001 5:04 AM
Wow that would have been cool to go there in the snow with practicallly no one there.


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