Conneaut Lake Park 2007 Hours?

When is CLP is going to post the 2007 operating hours? The CLP wedsite still has Chrismas on the Home page and I wondering when are they going to up date with the 2007 instead of the 2006 hours. I am going to pass by CLP of the week of june 10-16 and what are the hours on that week? I know I am commiting a cardinal sin by starting a new topic. Thanks twj
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Probably once they're sure they'll even be operating this year. :)

Yeah, I was under the impression that Conneaut does not yet have an operating schedule. After all, they'd have to be operating in order to have one of those posted somewhere.
Having a Steven Wright flash back:

"I went to a store that said Open 24 hours and there was a guy locking the door. I said 'I thought you're open 24 hours'. He said 'Not in a row.'"

"Yes... well... VICTORY IS MINE!"

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