Conneaut Lake Park- VERY Fun! :)

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Monday, September 3, 2001 5:54 AM

Conneaut Lake Park- September 1, 2001

What I expected:

A small, desolate park, run down with rude employees and trash every along with cheesy sold out promotions and rides that were under maintained. I arrived in Conneaut Lake (town?) about 12:10. Still hadn't seen the park. Saw a sign that said "Conneaut Lake Park Parking". Then came the Blue Streak. Didn't look too fast, but did look fun. A strange thing was seeing a sign for Waldameer (billboard) about 5 miles away from Conneaut. Parked in the gravel parking lot (hey, it’s free) and crossed the road to the main gate. Bought the $14 thing and was off. The front of the park (including the parking lot, not including the blue streak) gives the park a cozy county fair type of feel.

First ride:

The Tumblebug- This ride now makes it to the top of my favorite flat ride list, next to scrambler. A very fun ride. Too bad there aren’t too many more left in the world.

Flying Scooters- I have ridden these only one other time, at Geneva On the Lake’s amusement park (help with the name?) and I got some great air when the wind picked up from the lake :)

Blue Streak- (will save this for the end)

Devil’s Den- Wow. Wrigley’s gum should start a factory here with all the customers. The gum tunnels of fame. I thing this ride should be razed and raplaced with a non dark ride to keep away this kind of vandalism.

Ultimate Trip- Holy Crap! Never thought a scambler could be so, um, freaky. It was all one big blur. Great Job Conneaut!

Train Ride- Man, this thing should be called Mr. Squeaky. Got a cool view of the Streak and the lagoon thing behind it. (wasn’t the wetlands thing a boat ride once?)

Paratrooper- I could really feel the Gs on this thing. Yes, I belive this flat ride has more Gs than the Streak.

Jungle Zoo- Not a ride, but a boarded up attraction behind the Blue Streak’s station. It looked abandoned. Can anyone shed some light on this for me?

Yo-Yo- Gave a very not good sounding craking noise when it gave riders the shift thing.

Blue Streak- Saving the best for last. If you have never been on this before, I will go through the course now. You lock into the single lap bars and are off into a tunnel. The tunnel is S shaped and for some reason, people feel the need to scream loudly in this tunnel. The train keeps up a pretty good speed though. At the end of the S, there is a small dip and then you are on the chain lift. From there, you can get a pretty good view of the Jungle thing next door, the train ride, and the Mini Golf. For the most part, this coaster is very secluded in the woods. Then comes the drop. Thank god for all the nice soft padding. One hill, then another, then up one more and you stay on a flat strech. You hit the turnaround which is very close to the road. Down a right banked drop and up a left a banked drop leading to the left. That gives great laterals. Then three small hills with great headchoppers and airtime in the front seat. You hit the break run and the lapbars unlock. You coast to a stop at the unloading point and for the most part, everyone runs to the queue to do it again. The Blue Streak. A top ride and very manual. I love it, rode 9

times :)

Overall, the park is my first non corporate park and is very clean and low priced. The Blue Streak is worth the drive. Flat rides are good especially the Flyers, Bug, and Scrambler. I really hope that this park makes it to next year as I know I will certainly go back. This park really showed that an amusement park doesn’t need to be a huge corporate engine with monster steel coasters and comic book characters to be fun. And that’s how it’s meant to be and is; fun. Good luck Conneaut!

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I pray that I will never see a Six Flags Conneaut Lake

Monday, September 3, 2001 8:16 AM
Conneaut Lake Park is so much fun. The atmosphere is great, the rides are fun, and the employees are nice. Actually, most of them are a little quirky, but they just have that charm about them.

I think the new ownership has definitely helped the park this year. I have heard that the park was in pretty bad shape a few years ago (it also was closed for a couple seasons).

The great thing about the park is, the flat rides usually last a bit longer than other parks since there are never huge lines. For instance, my ride on the Ultimate Trip (Scrambler) lasted no less than 11 minutes. Yet, I still wanted more! One of my favorite rides of all time.

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Monday, September 3, 2001 5:40 PM
I though the rides lasted a little bit longer, but I figured that it was just because I hadn't been on a scrambler in a while.
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I pray that I will never see a Six Flags Conneaut Lake

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