Conneaut Lake 'Holiday in the Park' 2005

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Its a cold and blustery day, about 29'. I drove in along the west side of the lake, and the Blue Streak is still visible during sunset. When driving in along the perimeter road, the fences are all lit up. Very nice.

The park is open from 4pm to 9pm, Fri-Sun for 1 more weekend. There is a tollgate set up by the convention center, and everyone is charged $5. Guests can drive across the perimeter, along the Beach Club, and are directed to park across from kiddieland behind the games midway.

The Hotel Conneaut is all lit up, with holiday decorations in the yard. There is about 8-10 inches of snow on the ground. The effect is stunning. Down on the lower level, Elizabeth's is in full swing, with guests getting the full view of the lake and decor.

When you enter the hotel, your hand is stamped, and you are briefed on tonights events. I proceeded into the lounge and signed up for a $2 sleigh ride for the 3 of us. We were told it would be a little over an hour.

In the hotel, there are about 60 decorated trees to mull at, make donations, bid on, or just take it all in. I made a donation at the Meadville Salvation Army tree. There are trees in the lobby, the lounge, the main hall going to Elizabeth's, and the small ballroom is full of them.

At the front desk, they are selling CLP holiday sweatshirts, books, cards, and season passes. In the ballroom, there are some booths selling honey, jewlery, crafts, and there was a chinese auction for several items, including several gift shop pieces.

In the tv lounge on the main floor there was several more trees, and the fireplace was a roarin'. Good times. The lounge was selling hot chocolate, coffee, cookies, and stuff. Elizabeth's had a prime rib buffet, with a full bar for walk ins. There was also 2-3 private parties going, which gave it a festive affair.

Even the hotel bathrooms were decorated, with a tiny tree on the sink, and wreaths on the stall doors. The hotel had a warm and cozy feel, with Christmas music being pumped through the building.

The sleigh ride started at the hotel and made a a pass by kiddieland, and then turned west down the midway. The buildings were all decoarated in some fashion, and the Blue Streak's lift hill was outlined in white lights.

The was also Chriatmas music being broadcast over the park's sound system. The ride then came back down the entrance road and proceeded along the lake, then back to the hotel. 15 minutes. 8/10.

Bottom line, there was a solid crowd, the place was festive, food and drink aplenty, and live entertainment in the hotel ballroom with singing and Santa Claus. Overall. 9/10. Still, my favorite park. *** Edited 12/13/2005 7:37:48 AM UTC by Agent Johnson***

I have still to attend that yet.
Nice report. It does sound beautiful.

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Say what you will about that little park, it just has class!
The wait for the sleigh ride was closer to 90 minutes, so sign up early. Think about the town of 'Rosebud' in Funny Farm and you get the quaintness.
Sounds like a really nice event. Too bad the park is so far away and the event takes place when I really don't have any free time :(
I attended this event for the third time. It has become an annual event for my family. You can't pass on the sleigh ride in the snow and for $2 it is a steal!

Kudos to the volunteers that struggle to put on this event every year, especially to those who donate the trees which is a huge expense. It was scaled back this year (last year it expanded into the beach club).

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I think for next year they should do something outside in the Hotel Conneaut front lawn on the lines of a bonfire and some outdoor decorated trees.
On Saturday of the last weelend, the hotel was packed. I would definetly called at least that day a success. It was crowded to the point that perhaps splitting the event and having something in the Dreamland Ballroom would be a good idea. And another sleigh since the wait was ver an hour once I arrived. Very successful, kudos to the volunteers who were keeping a close watch on the events and very helpful.


If the park can come up with events like this all year long, I can see things turning around. Seems the biggest problem the park has is getting people there to spend money.

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